Bass Fishing Games For Kids | Fishing Games For Kids To Play Online (TOP FISHING GAMES)


Bass Fishing Games For Kids | Fishing Games For Kids To Play Online

From the time I was three, camping and fishing was simply what we have a tendency to invariably did on vacation. We tend to were continuously around water. I extremely believe it's what kept our family therefore close for therefore long. I can't justify it but it somehow solidifies that family bond. Not to say the stories we had to inform our friends once we came home.

Really there's not much to teaching youngsters bass fishing. I would take my kids trout and catfishing occasionally. Easy, right? I'd show them the way to tie the hook and bait it, throw the line in for them, then tell them to simply leave it and watch for a bite. Hmm, we apprehend how that works. Two minutes later they're reeling the line in. If you are like me, when a while I simply offer up and let them do their thing. When all you go fishing to relax, right? I soon understand that the kids have determined there can be none of that relaxing stuff.

I then got the thought to make a game out of it. I figured it'd keep them targeted longer than five minutes. I tied a tiny fishing weight on the top of their line. No hooks, because I do not have pierced ears, or nose, nor do I wish them pierced by a stray hook. I point to a little boulder a short distance away. I told them if you can solid your line and hit that rock, I can offer the winner a ride on my shoulders back to the automobile once we leave. (Warning, do not do this if your child is seventeen). This really helps their coordination skills. This extremely helps their coordination skills. They will also observe casting in the back yard. Next I would give them a fishing lure with no hook and see if they may get the lure to specific areas in the water.

Ahh, before long they are walking down the shoreline with a real lure bass fishing on their own. An angler is born. Who is aware of, perhaps they can be during a future million dollar bass tournament. Hey, we tend to all have dreams. Let's go fishing!

Currently go out and create some reminiscences with your youngsters or if you know of a child that needs it slow. Simply go have a good time!

Bass Fishing Games For Kids | Fishing Games For Kids To Play Online


Barramundi Fishing Games | How to Catch Barramundi Fish (TOP FISHING GAMES)


Barramundi Fishing Games | How to Catch Barramundi Fish

My initial trip to catch this elusive and highly type after game fish started within the Northern Territory with a sensible friend of mine. Glenn, an ardent and highly experienced Barramundi fisherman, took me out into the estuary in his 16 foot tinny and showed me how to forged amongst the hiding places that these fish tend to loaf around.

My initial expertise was superb as the Barra nudged the bait with its sharp gills determining if this was what it would like for food. The next instance all hell broke loose as the fish took the bait and ran, the reel hummed and in a daze I could hear Glenn coaching me on how to boat the fish. 'Keep your rod tip up' he said 'or the fish will throw the hook'. My arms were starting to ache and my muscles were burning and 35 minutes later the fish was alongside our boat and eventually in the net! Wow what an amazing and lovely fish well among the legal catch size. Looking at this great and feisty fish I felt compelled to let it go again.

Barramundi or barra for short, is one among the foremost elusive fish for an angler to focus on, and once hooked are thought-about one in all the simplest sport fish on the market and an excellent eating fish in addition. Barramundi (Lates Calcarifer) additionally referred to as Palmer Perch, Giant Perch and typically wrongly as Nile Perch (believe me it tastes much better than Nile Perch and any resemblance to Nile Perch is just that Barramundi in my humble opinion is superior).

An interesting fact though is that every one Barramundi begin life as Males and it takes these fish three to four years to mature. To change gender they need to get to brackish or salt water. Few Barramundi found in lakes and impoundments breed or change gender. At around age 5 the male Barra modification gender and become feminine, these females turn out eggs that given the right circumstances will hatch within 20 hours, and the young grow rapidly. The legal catch size for Barramundi varies from state to state and is usually 55cm. Fish smaller than 55cm and 80 cm and over should be released. These fish will grow to 1.8 meters in length and will weigh up to 60kgs. A sensible rule is that any Barra you catch over the scale of eighty cm is a lot of than seemingly a feminine, therefore do the right issue and unharness it therefore that they'll turn out a lot of off spring therefore that you'll be able to enjoy catching them for years to come.

Catching Barramundi is exciting and challenging. These fish are predators and like hanging around logs, snags, and sheltered holes in estuaries, billabongs, and rivers where they hide and stay up for unsuspecting prey. Barramundi are found during a variety of locations around the northern 0.5 of Australia, from Shark bay in Western Australia across the high finish to the Maroochy River in Queensland.

Do not worry if you don't know all that much regarding Barra fishing. I did not apprehend anything when I caught my first Barra either!

Warning Barramundi Fishing Is Addictive And Once Hooked There Is No Remedy. You Will Simply Want To Go Fishing At Each Opportunity And Can Become An Expert At Creating Reasons To Go!

Barramundi Fishing Games | How to Catch Barramundi Fish


Tarpon Fishing Game | Techniques Used For Tarpon Fishing | Tarpon Fishing Video (TOP FISHING GAMES)

Tarpon Fishing Game | Techniques Used For Tarpon Fishing | Tarpon Fishing Video

In this article, I would like to discuss more about Tarpon Fishing Techniques.

Tarpon fishing is gaining popularity throughout the globe. Usually, tarpon will get older to 58 ft. long and weigh 80280 lbs however are not commercially valuable as a food fish. They are renowned as game fish because of its huge size and aggressive fighting nature when hooked. They are very sturdy and can create spectacular leaps into the air. There are many fishing tournaments around the year that car centered on catching these aggressive game fish. Among them, the standard eighty-day Florida tarpon fishing attracts a giant number of fishing enthusiasts from totally different parts of the globe to Boca Grande to witness and capture some huge tarpons.

It is estimated that each year around five,000 tarpons arrive at Boca Grande Pass throughout the tarpon fishing season. Since, it attracts a large number of tarpons, Boca Grande Pass is called world's best tarpon fishing holes. Additional and more fishing enthusiasts visit Boca Grande every year to capture some superb tarpons, but fishing tarpon is taken into account to be troublesome due to tarpons fighting nature. Currently, experienced bocagrande fishing guides are on the market to assist individuals capture tarpons with ease. They provide tips, methods and techniques to capture tarpons safely in large amounts.

Modern bocagrande fishing charters with advanced motors are specifically designed to hold a giant cluster of people to the fishing hot spots in time. If you're coming up with to perform tarpon or shark fishing you would like to understand some basic fishing techniques that are used widely by specialists to capture tarpons and other huge fish with ease.

Tarpon Fishing Game | Techniques Used For Tarpon Fishing | Tarpon Fishing Video

Some important tarpon fishing techniques are listed below:

Live bait technique:

Live bait technique could be a basic tarpon fishing strategy that involves hooking a crab within the corner of the shell. You need to use a wide selection of bait because it's not doable to predict the preference of the tarpon. Usually, crab and pinfish are used typically to catch tarpon fish. Since, it is troublesome to capture tarpons, it is important to induce help from an skilled bocagrande fishing guide.

Artificial baits technique:

Artificial baits also are used to capture tarpons but it depends on the quality of the bait used. Usually, huge soft plastics that imitate bait fish are used usually for tarpon fishing.

These are some basic techniques that are used widely to tarpon fishing. Since, tarpon fish are aggressive you would like to take care when the fish gets hooked and must capture the fish using proper hooking ways.

Tarpon Fishing Game | Techniques Used For Tarpon Fishing | Tarpon Fishing Video

Realistic Online Fishing Games (Top Fishing Games)

Realistic Online Fishing Games

In this article, I would like to discuss more about Realistic Online Fishing Games.

Play it directly,online here, there's no installation, waiting, you immediately passes to the game which is the most effective part! Play with and against players all around the world, compete with every other, play with friends and family, place the most effective scores, catch the most important and most dangerous fish in lakes, seas, oceans, swamps, and many other places where you can fish in our fishing games.

Fishing game online allows you to access the most effective and most played online fishing game, and we tend to offer you the simplest, you can experience a ton of realistic fishing game with graphics that can blow your mind.

Fishing game on-line provides you with a fishing expertise that you'll feel at home in your computer chair, you can fish in places all around the world, you can catch fish that live on the other side of the globe, you can catch rare fish species for that, therefore way, haven't heard or seen and for all that you would like only an internet connection. Fishing game online conjointly offers you excellent graphics and animation effects and offers you the chance to catch a selection of fish species all around the planet,from small non-dangerous to large and dangerous fish with sharp teeth ready to fight with you any time, also permits you to post the most effective scores and break down the records.

Fishing game on-line provide you a fast method to look and making it easy to search out the game you want to play. Feel liberated to strive any game as a result of it is our job to make you content and fulfill your day with a good, fun and entertaining games. Over two hundred games for you and looking ahead to you to try them.

Free Fishing game provide you the fastest loading games and fastest access to entertainment you would like. The games are designed for children and adults, as a result of everybody will relish them and a lot of additional just waiting on you and your talent for hunting and fishing, they can not leave you indifferent, even a lot of you, will be addictive from some games but during a sensible means ;) Some will love sensible music in the background, some lovely effects of nature, some excellent strategies for fishing and also the struggle for the larger fish. In any case, there is a one thing for everybody here to possess fun.

Build the best score, compete among yourselves and fancy the realm fishing.  If you relish our games share it together with your friends that they will come back and try our sensible games, invite friends to play with you or compete with every different.

Compete, capture, dominate, destroy, overtake, overrun, collect, catch, gain high scores, win and be best! A selection of online games that you'll play with the players all around the planet are waiting you in fishing game on-line. We tend to want you plenty of fun!

Realistic Online Fishing Games

Latest Fishing Game (TOP FISHING GAMES)

Latest Fishing Game

But of course, this is not news because several different corporations have developed their own ultrasound-like fish finding gadgets a long time ago. But Maptech's new i3 module is the primary of its kind. It's the primary ever touch screen, hi-resolution 3D Fishfinger. Yes, you'll be able to literally see the type of fish that's swimming around below your boat, in super clear images and in real time.

Everyone's talking regarding the new light emitting Esca Lures. Buy these exciting new Esca Lures online at -

The i3 Touch Screen command on the fishing gadget will help you navigate the ground of the lake or sea with a radar, combine it with satellite communication and a weather report too.

This can be an fully MUST for those who seriously trying into easy-fishing.

Monofilament fishing lines

There's absolutely nothing worse than to own a fish on the hook and have the road snap! Well, no additional snapping of fishing line with the newest development in monofilament fishing lines. Monofilament fishing lines return in a very big selection of colours, sizes, thickness and strength. Although it's stronger than some of the opposite a lot of typical fishing lines, they are cheaper. Monofilament fishing lines comes with special coating that keeps them from snapping easily. The solely factor is that they don't stretch as smart as alternative varieties of fishing lines but they create up for it with their bulk and strength.

Monofilament fishing lines also are quite transparent over the water and hold knots pretty much.

Fashion is usually cool too

Sometimes, cool has nothing to do with technology. It's got a lot of to try and do with the brain and 'creativity'. If your husband, brother, or father could be a fishing fanatic, you'll continuously get them fashionable fishing gear with extra pockets to position their scissors and hooks. Perhaps the water-proof raincoat with fluorescent streak for night fishing, maybe. And how about the water-proof watch? That'll work perfectly. And how about an X-LOOP flash mirror polarized lens? Sunglasses for baking within the sun and raincoat for fishing in the rain are exceptionally cool gears we cannot ignore.

Let's take the sunglasses as an example. The sunglasses not solely take away the glare and improve the quality of what you see with your naked eye, you see the same scene in deep colors and contrasts. These sunglasses are developed specifically for fishing enthusiasts.

Lowrance Fish-Finders - The best in Fishing Technology

The Lowrance Fish-Finder is that the terribly same complete that my grandfather trusted, and my father does. Both loved to fish, however each were impatient and wished to understand where the fish were. The Lowrance Fish-Finder, continually at the high of the technology game, worked the simplest for them. (I am positive it had been all that kept them from employing a quarter stick of TNT)

My grandfather loved new technology, having worked for McDonnell Douglas, and on the Apollo missions. (I even have the NASA pens to prove that. ) Before that he served within the U.S. Navy, Therefore when he said that Lowrance was the simplest product for the value. Grandpa had a a lot of older unit, truly he had a few in his time but the last was the Lowrance X fifteen. If he were still with us I apprehend he would have the H.D.S.eight. Just like I do.

My dad on the other hand often uses his Lowrance to pre-load routes before a protracted fishing trip, He then would edit them while we have a tendency to were underway. The Lowrance H.D.S.7 permits Dad to store routes for future use.

Whereas pop's (my step father) Loves the Lowrance H.D.S.10 it is excellent for his fishing boat with the engineered-in cartography choices including Enhanced U.S. Base map and Coastal coverage of the U.S. and the Navionics (R) World Background map (non-Americas) each terribly useful to him.

Everyone's talking about the new lightweight emitting Esca Lures. Obtain these exciting new Esca Lures online at -

Starting out in 1957, the first Lowrance Fish-Finder went for $one hundred fifty.00 while others went for $2000.00. They were then and i believe currently the most effective value for your hard-earned dollar. There are many web sites where you can browse all regarding various Fish-Finders. But shopping for the correct Fish-Finder for you, and also the kind of fishing you will be doing whether it is a hand-held model or an H.D.S.-seven. The Lowrance Fish-Finder is that the fisherman's dream, as a result of it not only permits them to determine where the fish are, but will conjointly show you if there are weeds of different obstructions that might be a hindrance. They use sound navigation and ranging (SONAR) technology to emit an electronic sound signal that echoes back to the device providing the underwater data. This can be almost like what dolphins and bats do naturally.

five Reasons You wish a brand new Fishing Rod

If you are a keen angler, then you may already recognize how you'll be able to benefit from having many fishing rods.

one. Completely different types of fishing require completely different sorts of rods. There are dedicated fishing rods for catching trout and salmon, while fishing at sea, and for those eager to catch larger fish. Maybe your style of fishing has changed. Maybe you've got moved house and are now nearer the ocean, or a river. Your old fishing tackle might currently not be the foremost appropriate or appropriate for your new sort of fishing.

two. Rivers, lakes, and streams all gift completely different terrains and different kinds of fish. Having the right sort of fishing rod for the proper conditions will help you to be prepared and give you a better probability of catching a lot of fish. If you are fishing rivers, you will be standing within the river for a very long time whilst making an attempt to catch fish. Having a light-weight rod will make a difference. Perhaps you're going to be sat on the bank all day, therefore a heavier rod would possibly be more suitable.

three. If you fish all year spherical, you may prefer a totally different rod at totally different times of year. You might need a holiday rod, or one that you'll let the kids use. Some folks also like to own a longer rod when fishing in higher water, as they notice it easier to regulate. This can be especially necessary when you concentrate on you could be in the water for many hours.

4. Perhaps you only need to stay up with new technology, and advances in rod technology. There are many recent advances in fishing rod technology, and in other areas of fishing tackle. Maybe you fish a ton and acquire a lot of use out of your fishing tackle. Maybe you do genuinely want new fishing equipment, and a new fishing rod is high on your list.

five. If you are a lapsed angler, and haven't been fishing for ages, maybe some new fishing tackle can inspire you once more. Maybe you've only simply started fishing, and are used a friend's previous rod till you made the choice that you required to buy your own fishing tackle. Perhaps you are previous fishing tackle has been stored at the rear of the garage for years, and is past its best.

Having different fishing rods is sensible. Having the proper equipment for the correct situations is doubtless to form you fancy fishing more, and obtain higher at it. You're sure to lose enthusiasm if your equipment is previous and has seen better days. Why not see what your local fishing shop has to supply?

Latest Fishing Game

Fishing Games pc | Where To Find The Best Ones (TOP FISHING GAMES)


Fishing may be a well-loved pastime and sport not just within the United States but additionally in the entire world. Fishing is that the activity of catching fish that are normally in the wild. There are various techniques concerned in fishing.

Some of them are hand gathering, netting, and angling, spearing and trapping. The term fishing isn't limited to fish. It will conjointly be applied to other aquatic animals like mollusks and crustaceans. The total range of commercial fishermen and fish farmers is estimated to be 38 million. The fishing trade provides direct and indirect employment to over 500 million people.

Fishing is an ancient follow that dates to the start of the Paleolithic period concerning forty, 000 years ago. Ancient individuals have additionally fished, therefore the observe is not new. Their fishing equipment is very totally different compared to what we are using now. Their fishing designs would possibly additionally be terribly different from ours.

Online fishing games, on the opposite hand, are comparatively new. For people who cannot do actual fishing, this can suffice. On-line fishing will enable an individual to fish for species and places that may only be dreamt of.

There are not any seasons, no size or catch limits and no weather to constantly worry regarding. The mouse becomes your rod and all you've got to try and do is click to cast. When you play fishing games, it's very doable that you'll learn one thing about lures, bait and actual fishing. It's very like actual fishing, the only distinction is, and it is done interactively.

Varieties of Fishing Games

There are different varieties of on-line fishing games on the market nowadays.

  • Games out there for download.
  • Games for sale.

Most of these games are flash games. The free games can sometimes be found in sites that have many games. A number of these games are as simple as clicking on a target whereas others involve some skills. The demos are usually in 3D and require the user to use a number of their fishing skills to play and catch fish.

How to seek out Free Fishing Games Online

You'll be ready to get pleasure from on-line fishing once you find free fishing on-line games. Together with your Web connection, you may have a vast supply of free fishing games to fancy together with your family and friends.

· Search game sites. Most of the larger game sites have fishing games within their list of downloadable games. Most of those games are just easy, two-dimensional flash games. These are very little more than straightforward click games. There are, however, different detailed games which will be downloaded at no cost. The most well-liked fishing games these days are Fishing Crazy, fishing for Girls and Fishing frenzy.
· Attempt out free demos. There are some sites that have demos of for-sale games. There is no reason to purchase one thing before making an attempt it out. Getting a study the free version can help you decide if you wish the complete version or not. Note however, that there's a difference with the demo games and the complete version. The full version has additional choices.
· Search independently. Keep looking for brand new sites with new games. Don't just continue a certain range of internet sites. New sites and new games just take off of nowhere. Keep in mind which games you've got already played so that you won't waste it slow making an attempt one thing that you already did. Beware, but, that there are many spam sites. Build certain that you have a smart spy ware so that you do not end up loaded with advertisements and different junk. Always create sure that your laptop is safe. Steer away from sites that appear too good to be true. There may be also some sites that are not acceptable for young players.

Websites with Free Online Fishing Games

There are many sites offer free online fishing games. The sites listed below are simply some of the sites that permit people play games at no cost. Visit the sites below and play to your heart's content. However, keep in mind to create positive that your laptop is secure, as you wouldn't wish your files damaged and reinstalling the operating system as a result of of virus issues can be such a trouble.

Good luck and happy taking part in!

What concerning real fishing?

If you are playing on-line fishing games and you wish to urge out and try it for real, you'll be able to get started with some coarse fishing tackle or carp reels and acquire out on a lake or pond and catch some fish. Whereas real fishing undoubtedly will take some finesse in no time in the least you must be ready to maneuver on to fly fishing reels and learn to fly fish. Once you feel assured, are a part of a true fishing tournament and meet some friends. Fishing games can be extremely fun and are great for days with dangerous weather but trust me, nothing beats fishing on a lake, pond, or ocean!

The new journey currently is fishing indoors and in order to search out the simplest fishing games for you and find out about fly fishing reels indoors to be used in real life, play the sport and notice your catch.


Fishing Games - Fish From the Comfort of Your Home! (TOP FISHING GAMES)


Fishing Games - Fish From the Comfort of Your Home!
By []Earl Feezy

Online fishing games have developed from simple animation to 3D graphics in order to cater to the demanding gaming community of today's time. Actual fishing has become a rare hobby, sometimes stereotyped to be "an old man's hobby", and there are some that never even experienced what it's like to catch a real fish. Interesting as it may seem, the gaming industry, both video and online, have tried bringing fishing into the homes of families through interactive fishing games that anyone of all ages can play. With so many websites hosting free fishing games the opportunity is there for anyone who wants to give it a go.

Ever heard of Bass Fishing Pro or Super Fishing? Have you tried searching the Internet for a fishing game? For those who love fishing but don't have the time and the opportunity to do so, online fishing games are available for anyone and everyone who are interested in the sport. There are basically two styles of fishing game which are currently available; the free games that you will find and play online, and the downloadable versions, which you play from your PC. The downloadable games usually have more realistic graphics, levels and options, however most require you to purchase the full version to enjoy these added features.. Either way, with so many technological advancements, the new fishing games are designed to be more realistic and entertaining than older Flash versions.

Fishing games come in several different varieties. There are the normal versions wherein you play as the fisherman catching the fish or the newer versions where you even play as the fish itself. The twist makes the game even more entertaining as you are not stuck to the usual style of fishing Free bass fishing games are also being sought out by players because of the challenge it gives. In games, the controls are different and more challenging as it now concentrates on the person's ability to lure the bass in and how he or she manages to balance the strength of reeling to avoiding breaking poles and lines. This feature is designed in order to give off a realistic feel on the fish's side because it acts like any normal bass would do when being hooked up.

If you enjoy real life fishing, you can try out some of these fun []Fishing Games at []

Article Source: [!&id=1465643] Fishing Games - Fish From the Comfort of Your Home!


The World of Online Fishing Games (TOP FISHING GAMES)


The World of Online Fishing Games
By []Christian Rogers

Normally when fishing, you are supposed to be under the sun with a rod & reel in your hand, while being on a lake several miles from where you live. That's why fishing, while comfortably seated on the sofa sounds strange...but you can do exactly that.

In this fast-paced computer world we are living in right now, everything is possible with a simple click on your computer. Software geniuses developed a way for fishermen to find pleasure in fishing inside the four corners of their homes. They created fishing games online.

Online fishing games are now popular over the net and are appreciated by those who do real life fishing and even for those who do not. Search engines provide a wide array of free fishing games to choose from, from the simplest to the most complicated ones. The games cater players of all ages, from kids to adults who love the idea of fishing.

Bass fishing games come in a variety of versions. This level of games provides players a more realistic view of each scene you go to. You can choose from different rivers and lakes for you to invade. The game developers cultivated a well illustrated environment in every level to ensure each player's ultimate online fishing game satisfaction. Most bass fishing games in the market today give will even give you the chance to select your own boat from the many types available. You can freely have whatever piece of rod, lures and other fishing items you want to from their lines of accessory choices. So, it is like entirely just like fishing for real. It is just that, it is more relaxing as you can do it anytime you want to, everyday. Basically, bass fishing games give you a way of practicing the "your game, your choice" rule.

Can one get bass fishing games for free? If so, how can I have one? The answer is - you can. One can easily download these games from the internet to the computer. It's that simple. Once you had it downloaded, you can instantly enter the challenging world of fishing. As it is online, one great benefit for you to have is that you will be able to connect to other online fishing gamers all over the world. There are bass fishing games which even offer online competitions for people who are willing to accept challenges.

So, for those who do not have any real fishing experience, this is the best way for you to know how it feels to be a fisherman. Learn the basics, be introduced to different fishing methods and acquire more techniques through an almost true to life internet fishing.

Take the chance today and try the games. You might just get addicted once you discover that you had a passion for it all along.

You can play a HUGE selection of free []Fishing Games at

Article Source: [] The World of Online Fishing Games


Cencaru Kuda | Pancing Cencaru Kuda | Teknik Pancing Cencaru Kuda | Umpan Cencaru Kuda

Cencaru Kuda | Pancing Cencaru Kuda | Teknik Pancing Cencaru Kuda | Umpan Cencaru Kuda


Dalam artikel sebelum ini, saya ada berikan sedikit review berkenaan dengan trip memancing di Pulau Payar pada 24/12/2012. Alhamdulillah, semuanya selamat cuma saya lambat update hasil tangkapan yang kami dapat pada trip memancing tersebut. Korang boleh lihat post tersebut pada link di bawah.


Okaylah, dipendekkan cerita, kami bertolak tepat jam 7 pagi dari Kuala Kerpan. Perjalanan ke Pulau Payar mengambil masa dalam 40 minit.

 Fikir apa 2 bang??

Basri dengan gaya yang cukup konfiden. Kat belakang tu, Bro Labu (Tekong Bot)

 Tekong darat.. Bro Yamin. Macam sejuk jer bro!

 Dengar sini!!! Didon dok kat belakang tali..

Dan selepas mengharungi perjalanan 40 minit, kami tiba di lokasi memancing PULAU PAYAR. Kalau diperhatikan ada 3 pulau di kawasan ini. Awas jangan memancing terlalu rapat dengan pulau. Sebab ini kawasan larangan memancing dan sebarang aktiviti menangkap ikan.

Siapa yang menanti kunjungan kami kali ini???? Wow!!!


Saya uploadkan beberapa keping gambar hasil pancingan kami.

Saiz cencaru kuda melebihi saiz mineral water 1.5L!!

2 Ekor Talang bersaiz 4kg turut tumpas. Teknik umpan hidup.


Gunakan lure/gewang yang bersaiz 60g. Perlu letakkan 1 kail bersaiz 18 - 22. Kalau boleh korang ikatkan bulu pada kail tersebut.(Rujuk Gambar)

Sedikit video untuk korang.

Cencaru Kuda | Pancing Cencaru Kuda | Teknik Pancing Cencaru Kuda | Umpan Cencaru Kuda



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