Fish Live Game Tips | Fish Life Walkthrough

Fish Live Game Tips | Fish Life Walkthrough
Fishing Rigs - How to Fish Live Bait With Spinner Rigs - Details Here

Fishing Rigs - How to Fish Live Bait With Spinner Rigs - Details Here

By Mark Fleagle

Many fisherman know that many times just using simple live bait fishing rigs is not enough. One of the best methods to make your live baits look more enticing to the game fish you are targeting is by using a spinner live bait fishing rig combination. When you are fishing stained or low visibility waters the combination of a spinner with say a juicy nightcrawler vibrating through the water gets game fish in the area excited.
The flash of a blade in combination with vibrations will sometimes help catch fish when it seems like they have "turned off". A spinner bait live bait fishing rig combo will also help you catch fish if there is an abundance of bait fish in the area. Many times game fish in this situation will only feed for short periods of the day so you need something more to get their attention.
You can fish what is called a safety - pin spinner fishing rig or a jig with an added safety pin spinner to work weedy cover. The safety - pin spinner arm protects the hook on the jig from constantly getting fouled up with weeds.
You can purchase purchase many different spinner fishing rigs designed specifically to be fished tipped with live bait but many fisherman would rather design their own. You can make your own spinner fishing rigs easily by threading a clevis and a few beads on the line in front of the hook. or tip a weight forward spinner bait with live bait such as nightcrawlers or bait fish.
Spinner live bait combos are used to catch such game fish as walleyes, smallmouth bass, northern, pike, muskies, crappies, sunfish, trout and salmon. The types of hooks and sinkers used with the spinner bait fishing rigs depends on the size of the fish you are targeting and what type of cover you are fishing in.
Well folks that concludes our article about a spinner bait fishing rigs We sincerely hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip.
Good Luck!
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Fish Live Game Tips | Fish Life Walkthrough

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