Buying the Right Fishing Boat

Buying the Right Fishing Boat

Buying the Right Fishing Boat

By Mike Moskvitch

Before you buy a boat, seriously think about what you intend to use it for. Will you be water-skiing? Socializing? Fishing? If fishing will be your boat's primary purpose, what type of fishing will you be doing? Not only are some boats best for fishing, but some are best for certain types of angling.
Tournament Fishing

If you are a tournament fisherman (or you plan to be one), probably the best boat for you is at least 19 feet long with a motor that, at minimum, has 150 horsepower. If you plan to fish regularly in extremely deep water, consider buying a boat that's at least 20 feet in length and comes equipped with a motor of at least 200 horsepower.
Bass Fishing

Those who prefer bass fishing to tournament fishing will spend most of their boating hours on a lake or river. For that, a 17 to 18 foot boat with a motor of at least 115 horsepower will do.
Multi-Species Fishing

Those who are addicted to multi-species fishing may want to shop for a more versatile boat, one with plenty of walking around room, high sides, and a comfortable seating arrangement. This type of boat is ideal for small groups. An entire family, for instance, could spend an afternoon of catch and release on one quite comfortably.
Occasional Fishing

If you plan to fish only occasionally, rather than purchasing a true fishing boat, consider investing in a fish and ski model. These hybrid boats, which are a cross between a bass boat and a pleasure boat, would serve your purpose very well.
One of the most important parts of the boat-buying process is choosing the craft that you can truly afford. Today, many new boats are available, and there are multiple choices for a variety of budget levels. If it best fits your needs and your finances, you might even consider investing in a used boat.
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