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The Best Bait For Bass Fishing
By []Bryan Hubert

The best bait for bass fishing is a good question. Especially around this time of the year. Oh yes! It's that time of the year again, the birds are chirping, the weather is warm, and the bass are jumping. I love the spring!

Spring is the time of the year when bass are spawning, making it much easier to find them. They can be found in the shallow areas of a lake or pond. Any structure in the shallow parts is also a plus. For example around docks and fallen trees.

Now that the hardest part of catching big bass is taken care of, finding the location of them that is. But another tricky part, which is where most 90% of Anglers fail to do correctly is catch them. They can see them, but they just can't catch them.

So how exactly do you catch bass? With bait of course...but which baits to use is another question.

The Best Baits for Bass Fishing are:

 -Live Bait - Because lets face it, they can't fool bass

1) Worms - Without a question, worms are the most popular bait to use, when fishing for bass. There is a reason for it too, Bass LOVE them and they sure are hard to resist when you are a bass in the water. Great to use because they are easily stored and use them anywhere.

2) Minnows - Another popular live bait for bass fishing. Bass love them too, but they take more effort to keep. Unlike worms, minnows must be contained in a container with and air tank. If you have a boat, then minnows are excellent choice of bait, but if you fin yourself on foot, they are not the best option.

 - Artificial Lures - Bass are not that smart, but presentation is key!

1) Plastic worms - Absolutely love to use them, using them with a drop shot technique is very effective. Many choices in colors and types.

2) Spinner Baits - A great lure and a very adjustable one at that for bass fishing. Easily changeable blades and skirts. Make the perfect spinner bait for the water your fishing. They are a great trolling bait, which is an excellent way to cover the most area of water for bass.

3) Crank BaitsAction looks good to a hungry bass. Another plus is that there are a variety of different lip sizes. The lip size is what causes the crank to go deep or shallow. The large the lip, the deeper the crank bait goes. The speed is another factor that determines life like presentation and depth.

Knowing the best baits for bass fishing and the locations of the bass are extremely important to know when trying to catch bass, especially big bass. I struggled for a long time because I only knew the basics of bass fishing. Until I read [] I learned the techniques and secrets of the pros, and just like it says, my friends DO call me the "Bass master". Yea a little cliche, but I think it's cool.

Read more of my story to []catch big bass .

Good Luck catchin' that hog!


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