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Like Tackle Sensation : Spin Flying Torpedo Scad

Langkawi has many tuas (constructed with several long bamboo poles and coconut leaves as the FAD), for its unique species, the cencaru kuda. Basically, the cencaru kuda is huge. It has features like the common cencaru actually the same species but its size can reach up to 2.5 kgs each. This cencaru would be great sport on like tackle or fly fishing. The cencaru kuda is said to be more active in the afternoon is best because it is the time when the bigger specimens are around. Basically, there were three groups of cencaru playing around on the surface and their splashes were different compared to the kembung, tongkol, selar or tamban. They were louder and merrier and varnished very fast from a spot before resurfacing at another spot a few meters away.

Boiling Cencaru

Unlike in the east coast where the local fisherman like to troll their homemade sabiki, which normally consist of more than 40 hooks tied with green thread, here in Langkawi they rarely use the same method. Most of the time, they would jig their homemade sabiki and those in sizes of 12, 14 or 16 among the favourites. Due to the bigger cencaru saiz, it is important to select sabiki that are tied with thick diameter line, or else it would easily be snapped by the cencaru’s sharp tiny teeth or simply busted due to its surge of power. By using thicker a lead line, you will minimize the messy tangling of your line if the whole school decided to hit all your sabiki hooks. You should always crank fast while keeping your line taut. If you want to pump the rod, keep it at a high angle without lowering it too much. The moment you lower your rod more than what is ideal, your sabiki and the hooked cencaru will bunch up.

Close up view of the fly used and Vfox long swiveled lead.

In Langkawi, there is a rule among the locals where respect the tuas owners and one has to seek permission before fishing there. Any intrusion would be seriously inviting big trouble. This is because each tuas was painstakingly built by the owner with lots of time and money spent. However in the end, the tuas (constructed with several long bamboo poles and coconut leaves as the FAD) would profit the owner as baitfishes congregate there and that would attract high quality predators such as mackerel, snappers and GT. Damage could result if others trespass into the tuas area with nets or setlines or even simply tying their boat to the frail bamboo poles.

Resources : Rod & Line Magazine; May 2007



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