Rapala Minnow Rap (TOP FISHING GAMES)

Rapala Minnow Rap

This is one lure that the wood lure lovers would appreciate. It is carved out of balsa wood and retains the Shad Rap action in minnow profile bait. One retrive and you will see the result. The minnow rap is built in two distinct designs. The classic patterns feature clear deep diving lip and VMC black nickel hooks.

The bleeding patterns are specially patterned with bleeding gills, red deep diving lip and VMC red hooks for the ultimate injury effect. Measuring 9 cm, its diving depth is 1.5 - 3.3 meters. Ideal for casting and trolling.

Rapala Minnow Rap

Shimano Short Game Deep Power Boat Rod (TOP FISHING GAMES)

Shimano Short Game Deep Power Boat Rod

The short game deep power is the ultimate behemoth taming rod. If you fish deep wrecks above the 100 meter mark and need instant fish stopping power to prevent monster grouper, amberjack, dogtoothbtuna, and shark from crash diving back into the wreck, you need the stump pulling power of the most robe unbelievable strong.

Ultra heavy chrome Fuji CRSG guides prevent line failure and are unbelievable strong. It is a perfect combination when used with Dendoumaru HP. Two models are available length 1.8 meters, line weights PE16 and PE18.

Shimano Short Game Deep Power Boat Rod


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