Fresh Water Prawn Fishing | Videos for Freshwater Prawn Fishing | Freshwater Shrimp | Baits Used in Freshwater Fishing

Fresh Water Prawn Fishing | Videos for Freshwater Prawn Fishing | Freshwater Shrimp | Baits Used in Freshwater Fishing

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Prawns and shrimp are among the most popular types of seafood. The meat has a sweet, delicate flavor and is considered to be a healthy diet choice. They are a rich source of calcium, protein and antioxidants like selenium. There are two types of freshwater Shrimp in our interior lakes. These are the Hyella shrimp and the Gammarus shrimp. At a casual glance, the only visible difference is in their size.

Freshwater Prawn Fishing Techniques

Firstly, make a discussion with friends about dates, times and fishing location that will be targeted for prawn fishing. Basically, freshwater prawn fishing is more effectively boat.

Getting started including outboard engines from 4 to 15 horsepower, oar, anchor, rope, making the early rigs for prawn fishing, complete fishing gear, and don’t forget the life jacket. If you want to fish at night don’t forget the torches and lamps. Prepare baits for prawn fishing especially worms or shrimp (wrapped in newspaper and stored in the refrigerator to ensure freshness).


  • Use the light set of rod and reel for shrimp fishing. The suitable rods is 4 1 / 2 feet.
  • Use fishing line preferably between 10 to 15 lbs and the rigs was among the 6 -8 lbs.
  • Use the sinker size between number 5 - 6. The small size of the sinker can be used when river flows slowly.
  • Some brands of small hooks can be used and preferred between no: 7 – 10. Some expert anglers prefer to use their own hooks.

Best baits

Shrimp actually did not choose the bait, but the suitable baits for freshwater fishing including worms, shrimp and fish fillet. Probably the most universal of all natural baits is the worm. The more easily obtained common garden worm is a good standby for the big, pencil thick variety found in shady gullies between hills along sub-tropical rain forests.

Recommended bait is the grub. Many anglers swear that the odor which emanates from the maggots of the big moths when pierced by a hook can be detected from a great distance by fish. Grubs have a reputation as top bait for the inland angler. Grubs can usually be located by removing the top few inches of soil from around the base of a tree.

Fishing techniques from the boat

For fishing on the boat around 12 – 16 feet, the most suitable and comfortable are 2 anglers.
Usually, one angler can use 5 fishing rods. If you are a beginner, you should use 2 – 3 fishing rods.

The arrangement of the fishing rod on the boat is also important. The correct order of first fishing rod is thrown away, followed by second fishing rod is short little and so on until the last fishing rod just below the boat. This can prevent them from the wind.

Throwing bait until the sinker trace the river, and then make sure the main line is so tense.

Next, place the fishing rod beside the boat without held by hand.

If you've certainly had swallowed bait shrimp by looking at the end of the rod; do a soft cast.

Important tips
  • Sometimes shrimp catch the bait without showing any movement.
  • There is also a strike with such coarse fish.
Now you can understand why there's a growing interest in freshwater prawn fishing. When people start looking for more information about freshwater prawn fishing, you'll be in a position to meet their needs.

Fresh Water Prawn Fishing | Videos for Freshwater Prawn Fishing | Freshwater Shrimp | Baits Used in Freshwater Fishing


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