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Every year, more and more people take to bass fishing like a duck to water. They discover the sport and begin to spend more and more time working on their technique and gaining an advantage when it comes to tournaments. However, the world of bass fishing is no longer restricted to your local area. You can participate in the sport literally wherever you are in the world. Bass are not found in one specific area, but are found in various countries around the world, thus leaving your hobby open to your leisure wherever you are!

Various companies now offer bass fishing holidays if you would prefer to go on a specialist tour, but you can organize a trip yourself. Most areas that are known for bass fishing do present a challenge for you, but you should do your research to find out what species reside where so you can have a head start on the rest of your fishing party! Be sure to ask for bass fishing reports for each location from a travel representative or by going on the Internet and locating local fishing associations before you book anything. Here is a guide to what species are available for fishing and indeed where you can find them!

Australian bass - If you fancy a trip to Australia then you will find the native bass there. They can actually only be found on the east coast, so you can take that detour to Sydney! If you want to try a little fishing in natural waterways then the rivers just off the coast are ideal locations. However, there are managed lakes that contain Australian bass that are bred for fishing!

Black Sea bass - If Mexico is you ideal vacation location then this is the type of bass that you need to be looking for. They actually populate the entire US and Mexico east coast from Maine right down to the Gulf of Mexico, although the most Black Sea bass can be found in New York. This is perfect for off coast and inshore fishing.

Chilean Sea bass - If you wish to go somewhere different then this bass is for you! It lives in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans, as well as being found in Antarctic waters as well! Known as the Patagonia toothfish, it certain represents a challenge if you want to follow it around the world. It opens up so many more traveling experiences to you so take a look around and just choose the place that you want to go - hot or cold!

European Sea bass - This bass can be found from Norway right down to Senegal in Africa so you can take your pick of location. If you prefer river, coast or lagoon fishing then this bass may just be for you. If you would love a Mediterranean vacation then this is perfect!
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TOP FISHING GAMES - Bass Fishing around the World: Where to Fish for Bass!


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