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By Ken Wangen

Where and when to Fish for Tarpon

The Florida Keys are heavily laden with tarpon from roughly mid-April through mid-July, although quite a few juvenile fish and some resident adults stay year around. Bridges, rubble piles, and around very shallow flats next to the channels are a very popular place for these silver kings to live. Tarpon are for the most part nocturnal feeders but the early mornings and dusk hours are also quite productive. The best producing place our captains have found after many, many years of experience fishing tarpon are the number two and number 5 bridges located between mile marker 73 and 70 just a mile or south of Islamorada.

What to use for bait and how to present it

Tarpon are basically garbage feeders, they can be caught using dead or live bait. Selections include, but are not limited to: mullet, crabs, dolphin (mahi) bellies or tuna bellies cut out of a carcass after cleaning, or once again, any number of other live or dead baits. Many angles find a combination of a Penn 650 (or something similar is size/performance) spinning reel, a rod handling 20-50lb test line, a 40lb-50lb leader, and a number 7 circle hook to be a great set up for tarpon fishing.

Presentation is the key when fishing for virtually anything and tarpon aren't any different. There are two commonly known practices. The first is anchoring up in a semi-slack tide with a buoy tied to your anchor for quick release when you hook a fish. Simply allow your bait to go back into the current several yards from the boat and wait for the strike. This method may require a strike indicating device (a bobber, or cork) to keep a live bait off the bottom and in reach of a passing tarpon. The second is actually just leaving the anchor out of the mix and drifting your bait the same speed as the boat in the current. Tarpon and Sharks.com captains have success on a daily basis using both methods, it's really a personal preference. Thank you for reading, happy fishing!

resourced and written by Ken Wangen at http://www.tarponandsharks.com for the education and enjoyment of anglers wanting to learn how to catch a tarpon.

http://www.tarponandsharks.com is a premium provider of not only tarpon fishing, but sharks, snapper, grouper, mahi, tuna, sailfish, wahoo, and virtually any fish located in the waters surrounding the Florida Keys. We offer offshore and backcountry 1/2, 3/4, and full day trips. We are located within a few minutes boat ride from the world famous #2 and #5 channel bridges where people come from all over the world to fish tarpon. Please call today to book the fishing experience of a lifetime! 305-395-9503.

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