Spinners vs Baitcasters - The Different Type Rod (Top Fishing Games)


Obviously there is a need for a different rod. The spinning reel hangs below the rod and the baitcaster sits on top of the rod. Thus the position of spline (the natural bending tendency) of the rod differs for spinning and baitcasting rods. The manner the line leaves the baitcaster and spinning reel is different. For baitcaasting reels it leaves in a straight manner, travelling from side to side as it leaves the rotating spool. Thus the guides can be small. The line leaves the spinning reel in circular coils or loops, slightly larger than the spool diameter. A comparatively larger but guide is needed to control the loops and the successive guides are smaller to straighten out the loops to minimise line friction.

As the baitcasting reel sits on top of the rod, the line runs above the rod so more guides are required to keep the line off the rod blank when the rod is curved under a load. If the line rubs against the blank, the friction can damage and weaken the line. The spinning reel has the line running below the rod, therefore less guides are needed when the rod is loaded.

Baitcasting rods also have a small trigger beneath the reel seat. This trigger assists the caster in grasping the rod and reel during the cast, retrive and fight.



TOP FISHING GAMES - Spinners vs Baitcasters

The Benefits of Baitcasters Reels (Top Fishing Games)


Those anglers who cast lures all day will find that the baitcaster offers an advantage in weight. The baitcaster is lighter than a spinning reel for the same line class and capacity. This equates to less fatigue for casting lures all days.

Spinning reels often have those nasty loops and tangles that comes off the spinning reel spool. So you do not get those troublesome tangles when using baitcasters for repetitive casting and lure retrieving.

Accurate lure or bait placement is important. Thus when using the baitcaste, the thumb has direct control on the revolving spoolndiring the cast. This makes it easy to control on the revolving spool during the cast. This makes it easy to control the flight of the lure longitudinally, shortening the cast as necessary very smoothly without sudden jerks. This smooth controls also allows the caster to let the lure or bait land in the water gently without a loud jarring splash, which may scare some fish.

Awareness of what is happening on the other end og the line makes the angles a more effective fisherman. The baitcaster provides good sensitivity because of the way the reel is held, the user can sense the vibrations transmitted from the line directly through to the reel during lure retrieval or when fighting a fish.

To get the upper hand during the fight the thumb comes in useful again. It can be easily used to increase pressure on the fish by applying thumb pressure on the spool. The thumb acts as an additional braking system, adding extra drag if required and can be backed of instantaneously if the fish suddenly surges. However, watch out. Do not use the thumb for this purpose with big gamefish. The run is so fast that you can get a burned thumb doing this.

Line manufactures have numerous labels on the market, each for a different purpose. Some lines is made specially for cast easily. In contrast, we rarely see any lines specifically marketed for multipliers or baitcasters. This is because, compared to spinning reels, the baitcaster is less affected by line properties such as sthffness and line thickness.


TOP FISHING GAMES - The Benefits of Baitcasters Reels


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