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Author: Jimmy Harris

Why do so many people want to play fishing games nowadays? Actually, there are many reasons.

Obviously, they are fun, which might be what you are after, but the reality is, these games have become so realistic now that you can actually improve your fishing skills in the process of playing, and without ever leaving your easy chair. You don't have to brave the elements to improve anymore.

As I said above, the games today are always higher quality than they were even weeks ago, and when you do a simple internet search, you can easily find some extremely high quality games, and sometimes without paying a dime (obviously if you do pay, you can find better games).

When you play fishing games online, you are not tied down to fishing for just one variety of fish-just about any kind is available. In addition, you can decide where you want to fish, the water, etc. you can make it just like fishing out in the wild, but obviously without the nasty weather that sometimes comes with it.

With that said, one of the fishing games I'd highly recommend is bass fishing games, because there are so many of the available, and of course, bass fishing is one of the more popular varieties there are.

Therefore, this best simulates a real life fishing situation. In addition, you can generally communicate with other gamers via the net, and it actually can be a tremendous way to make new friends who share the same interests as you when you play fishing games.

Where should you play? Obviously, as I stated earlier, there are both free and paid sites, and the paid ones generally are on a monthly basis, and give you access to all the different games they offer.

Are they worth it? There's only one way to tell-ask others who are currently members. The truth is, when you restrict yourself to free games, you won't take advantage of the best of the games there are available, so I'd at least recommend you check out these paid games.

If you are an avid gamer, then you definitely will want to join a membership site, but if you only play fishing games every now and then, stick with the free games. Online, even with free games, you can find bass fishing games, trout, deep sea fishing, etc. Try and stick with the kind you are most likely to be doing in real life, because if you do this, you will quickly improve your skills when it comes time to go fishing.

Go onto fishing forums and ask if anybody there has had any experience with the sites you are looking for. chances are, this is all you will have to do, because in fishing forums, many of the people hanging out there will also be avid gamers, and can recommend you a particular game or site without you having to do all the research yourself.

Also check with any fishing friends you might have, and see which sites they'd recommend, because chances are they've already found some hidden gems they can let you in on.

Therefore, start to play fishing games, make some new friends, and improve your skills at the same time.

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