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It is always advisable to get your fishing rigs well prepared at home before a fishing trip, especially prawning. Preparing rig on the boat is timed-wasting and result in lower catch.

However, the keeping of tiny snelled hooks can be quite troublesome .The common way is to wind them on a chunk of polystyrene,which has its own problems too.

This 7-inch-long cylindrical snelled hook organizer is designed to resolve this problem. It can be conveniently used to keep 16 sets of snelled hook, with the line secured firmly in the tiny slits.

Article Resources: Rod and Line Magazine

TOP FISHING GAMES - Snelled Fishing Hook Holder

Tica SD Spinning Series (Top Fishing Games)


Complete with a fighting drag system, the Tica SD rear drag reels have a smoother operation and muck finer drag settings, making them a pleasure to use.

The superior drag system is designed and manufactured with the latest technology and material for durability. It feathers specially designed drag knob, CNC machined and electroplated with the distinctive anodizing treatment.

Other salient features include…

1. 7 precision ball bearing
2. Mini bearing inside line roller
3. Stainless steel bail spring cover, titanium plated
4. Aluminium designed balanced rotor to minimize vibration
5. Aluminium spool decorated with 24 saves motion type conk holes,
6. Fighting lever
7. Gear ratio 5:2:1
8. Four models available…line weight 8-12, 1O-14, 12-17and 14-2Olb range.

Article Resources: Rod and Line Magazine

TOP FISHING GAMES - Tica SD Spinning Series

Berkley Fishing Lines Break 78 New World Record Catches in 2003 (Top Fishing Games)


Anglers around the globe used Berkley fishing lines to set 78 new fishing world records in 2003. Following the stringent guidelines and rules of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), these anglers recorded the biggest catchers for both freshwater and saltwater species, giving Berkley a first place finish among other fishing lines in the world in the freshwater category.

The new world records include everything from a 4lb 8oz black crappie caught in Nebraska to a 839lb 15oz tiger shark caught near Australia on 16lb test line, a true test of angling skill and fishing line performance. Currently, Berkley line products hold the record in 757 categories in both freshwater and saltwater.

The oldest Berkley record on file in the freshwater division is from 1970 when a 42lb 2oz rainbow trout was taken using Berkley Trilene in Alaska. The oldest Berkley record in the saltwater division is from 1967 on a 108lb amberjack caught on Trilene.

Article Resources: Rod and Line Magazine

TOP FISHING GAMES - Berkley Fishing Lines

Halco Laser Pro Lures (Top Fishing Games)


Laser Pro lures are made from high quality plastic for 190mm, 160mm, 120mm and the new 45mm to suit a wide range of species in fresh and salt water. The larger sizes are available in two bib styles for added versatility.

Made in Australia, Laser Pro lures come in a wide range of catchy color with a brilliant, hard wearing finish.

The bullet proof bib – All Laser Pro lures now carry a super strong, clear polycarbonate bib. This revolutionary (patent pending) bib mounting system uses no glue, and ensures that each bib is inserted into the lure with no bias .It can be used confidently straight out of the box.

Article Resources: Rod and Line Magazine

TOP FISHING GAMES - Halco Laser Pro Lures



Squid jigging is a fishing game that is suitable for everyone, young and old, male and female. A set of basic fishing rod and reel or a hand spool is what you need to enjoy this game. This Ultra Laser squid jig comes in four types of colour combination and two sets of umbrella hooks each, to maximize the catch rate.

Two sizes are available-small and medium size-and the huge live-like black eyes, plus the catchy laser effect, would certainly make it a crowd puller.

Article Resources: Rod and Line Magazine



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