Teknik 'Drift Fishing' Menggunakan Belon (How to Install Live Baits for Drift Fishing)


Peralatan :

1) Belon (Baloon)

2) Perambut Mono (Mono Rigs 30 lbs)

3) Perambut dawai (Steels 30 - 40 lbs)

4) 2 kail (2 Hooks 4/0)


How to Install Live Baits for Drift Technique to Catch More Fish (Top Fishing Games)


Hi anglers, drift fishing or bottom bouncing, has become a very popular fishing technique. This class of fishing requires some unique skills and there are no rules, only suggestions, but the following figure should be seen as good principles to catch more fish.

Tools :

1) Baloon

2) Mono Rigs (30 lbs)

3) Steels (30 - 40 lbs)

4) 2 Hooks (4/0)


The Importance of Choosing the Right Fishing Line (TOP FISHING GAMES)


By Adam Alpers

Deciding which fishing line to purchase at the local fishing and tackle retailer should not be an adventure. You want the adventure to be out on the water landing that largemouth monster bass not at the store piddling on choosing the appropriate line. Here is some helpful information on how to choose the right line for the right fishing venture, and get on that water sooner.


Mono is the most common line used on the market today. There are basically two types of monofilament fishing line, monofilament limp or more commonly referred to as XL. This is a great line to use for casting and general fishing techniques, and the diameter of the line is the smallest of the two. XT or extra taught/abrasion restart line is best utilized for trolling or rough water conditions where your line comes in contact with a lot of obstacles such as weeds, rocks, stumps, and logs. These lines are very versatile and have a high stretch factor to consider, which an essential advantage for landing that largemouth bass.


Although this type of fishing line is very similarly composed in feel and look to monofilament line, it is very different. They are not as versatile in stretching and tend to not be as durable to breaking as monofilament line, even though the line is the same diameter as most monofilament tests. They are also more translucent in appearance than that of other fishing lines.


Fluorocarbon is most commonly utilized as leader material, because of its capabilities of looking almost invisible, especially when it is submerged under the water's surface. This line also has good memory. You will get a spring or coil affect while fishing with it when you spool your reel.


Braiding or superlines as they call them are great for trolling and heavy cover. They have virtually no stretch and the poundage to diameter is unbelievable. The downside is that the line is highly visible; however it is very beneficial for trollers to use.


Colored fishing line can be exceptionally successful at catching that tricky largemouth bass. You have many distinct colors to select from, however the most common are clear and green. Of course, clear line is used in water when the visibility is excellent, common sense right? Green line should be uses in murky or green- tinged water. Now here is where it gets fun- ever been out in water that is tea-colored? This is the perfect scenario to used brown colored test.

If you are trolling, then opt for trilenes tracer braid, they also have this line in fluorescent blue which is perfect to surf casting in salt water. However, it will not be too good for catching that largemouth bass. You have red line, which top line anglers are quite fond of, because it is reported that it disappears after 3 feet down. Yellow line is a great attractant for all sorts of species of fish, and it works excellent with crankbaits. I have had much success with and have even picked up a small-mouth with it out of Lake Erie.

After you have this simple line purchasing excursion, you can then concentrate on other things such as your knots, Lines can be very useless without be capable of tying the correct knot. Not all knots are the same, and there are so many the Palomar, clinch, and trilear to name a few, however this will be covered yet again in a further lesson.

Adam L. Alpers invites you to learn all about Largemouth Bass Fishing and Enjoy to the extreme this wonderful pastime today. Visit http://www.bassfishingextreme.com and also our blog at http://www.bassfishingextreme.blogspot.com to get more out of your fishing experience in every way.
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Kaedah Memancing di Kawasan Air Cetek (Shallow Water Fishing Technique)



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Apabila memancing di kawasan kolam atau tasik yang cetek airnya untuk ikan yang kecil seperti tilapia, haruan dan kap kecil adalah lebih efisien jika menggunakan set pancing yang ringan jenis ‘spinning’.

Joran yang boleh mengendalikan tali pancing seberat 4 – 8 paun, dengan kekili(reels) yang sepadan membolehkan anda menggunakan gewang kecil bersaiz 3 – 7 g serta umpan yang kecil. Oleh itu, umpan(baits) atau gewang boleh dilontar dengan cukup jauh kepada sasaran. Aksi melawan ikan pun lebih memuaskan bila kita menggunakan set pancing yang ringan.

Bila tali yang halus digunakan, lazimnya ini akan membuat ikan lebih galak makan umpan. Gewang juga akan bergerak dengan lebih mengiurkan! Sebagai panduan, berikut adalah peralatan yang biasa digunakan untuk pancing kolam atau lombong bagi ikan bersaiz kecil hingga sederhana:

Joran Daiwa Feeder, 12 kaki, tali 2 – 6 paun
Joran Seahawk Ocean Tycoon, 7 kaki, tali 6 – 12 paun
Kekili(reels) Daiwa BG 13, tali 4 paun
Kekili(reels) Shimano Stradic 2000, tali 2.5 paun
Kekili(reels) Shimano Sedona 4000, tali 6 paun

Biasanya dengan peralatan di atas ia mampu mendaratkan kebanyakan ikan kolam termasuk toman bersaiz sehingga 3 kg, pacu 5 kg dan kap rumput sehingga 8.5 kg!

Namun, jika anda kurang berpengalaman menanggani ikan besar dengan tali halus, sila gunakan tali yang lebih kasar bersaiz 6 – 8 paun. Bila kemahiran anda sudah meningkat, bolehlah anda membeli tali yang lebih halus. Perlu diingatkan tali yang halus lebih mudah rosak, jadi anda perlulah kerap memeriksanya. Kalau tali menjadi kasar akibat geseran, potong serta merta dan buat ikatan semula. Ini bagi mengelakkan anda menggigit jari apabila bertarung dengan ikan bersaiz besar.


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