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In my opinion, jigs are most effective freshwater fishing lure. The jig come with all its accessories, colors, sizes, and sporadic action seems to logically be the best lure. For walleye, jigs are effective fishing lures to catch this species. One of the most effective fishing lures for walleye that use by anglers is a bullet or tube jig. This is a style of jig that features a tube skirt covering the lure. Floater jigs is the other type that can also be used as lures. A float jig is one of the most efficient fishing lures intended for walleye in shallow waters where walleye may be present.

However, the effectiveness of lures is determined by a ton of factors. Weather, wind, temperature of the air and water, pressure both atmospheric and by fishermen, and time of year. I would suggest another approach; do some research and see what sells the best- that might be some indication of what is the most popular, and what is likely works the best.

Below are some of the more popular freshwater fishing lures in the hopes that I can narrow the choices down to the best fishing lure.

Lipless crank baits are very versatile as they can be fished high or low in the water column. Jerk baits are great for early spring pre-spawn patterns.

Another lure is the spinner bait. The spinner bait will catch more bass then any other lure on the market in just about every conceivable condition. It can be fished on top, the bottom, fast, slow, on the fall, etc. Overall it will catch more bass and catch them faster then any other lure.

In the end, I believe that the term the best freshwater fishing lure is different for every angler and you can make your own decision as to which fishing lure is actually the best fishing lure for you.

FRESHWATER FISHING LURE (Effective Freshwater Fishing Lure)


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