Fishing For Beginner (Top Fishing Games)


The Rod

As a beginner fisherman, I would like recommend a fiberglass rod, either solid or hollow. Solid rods are cheap and extremely hardly. They can take a lot of abuse without breaking and if they do break it is usually at metal ferules. These can be changed for just a few Ringgit/Dollar. The disadvantage is that they are heavy and the rod action is usually slow. They are usually made with lower quality components-guides and reel seats – hence the low prices. Hollow fiberglass rods are much lighter and have better action. They are not as tough as the solid rods but are more users friendly because of their lighter weight. Later in your fishing interests you may want to upgrade to graphite rods but for now and with your budget, one of the above would do.

The Reel

As for the reel, look for something in the same class ie 20 lb. What we call a spinning reel will do just fine. Forget about the multipliers for now. The reel will need to have a line capacity of around 120 to 150 meters of 20 lb line. A well-known brand is usually a better buy. Look for one that is suitable for saltwater, as estuary is saltwater. Although most reels do not specify usage for salt or fresh water, the better tackle shops will able to help you here. If not, look for reels that specify stainless steel bearings.

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Rod and Line Magazine - September 2000

Enjoying Free Bass Fishing Games (Top Fishing Games)

Author: Edward Chen

If you happen to read this during the off-season for fishing, then you must be really missing the waters. Well, you can't go back soon. Unless you can fly to a secluded fishing destination outside the country just to follow that hobby. If it's winter where you are, you've go to fly somewhere else where the sun is always shining and the fish are always swimming. If that's not possible, then you might as well try your hand at the free bass fishing games available online. This is the next best activity you can enjoy, since the fishing port is closed this time of the year. Use these games to hone your skills while you wait for the fishing season to reopen.

These free bass fishing games are well like by gamers, fishing fans or otherwise. Non-fishing enthusiasts can find enjoyment in these games too. This is because you don't really have to learn the basics of fishing just to play the game. Furthermore, you can use the game to show you how real fishing is done over the waters. Try your hand in this fishing game and you'll know for sure if you can get into the real hobby or not. Here, you get the hang of the sports while enjoying the game.

With free bass fishing games, you won't struggle with real fish. What you do is you try to beat a computer program. While this may not seem appealing to some sports fishers, it is the closest you can get to the thrills of fishing during the off season. If you haven't tried it yet, get the console and play the game. You might just find the fun that you're looking for all along. Let the game hone your skills and techniques. If you were able to beat the best records in the game, you might as well join the tournament next season.

A good collection of free bass fishing games easily downloadable over the internet are the In-Fisherman Freshwater Thropies and the Rapala Pro Fishing game made by Activision. Rapala creates the best fishing lures in today's market. And this game carrying their trademark follows their old tradition of creating only the best. The Rapala Pro Fishing game provides the best graphics in all of the fishing games available today. You can choose which boat you'd like to sail on. There are bass boats and air boats available. You can also choose to have girls accompanying as you fish over the waters.

There's another good set of free bass fishing games that can be downloaded over the internet today. These are the Pro Bass Fishing series. There are two versions available and they were released in 2002 and 2003. In this game, you can play in a networked mode with your other friends. It is also possible to play the game through GameSpy, an online gaming portal.

These are the best free bass fishing games today. So if you want to take fishing to the next level, try the computer console. It could just all you need to keep you occupied throughout the days where fishing is not yet allowed.

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