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Different styles of fishing require different rig setups and in this article, I would like to show how to make simple rigs for beach fishing. The best methods for beach fishing depend on the kind of bait use, sinker size, technique of rigs, and the tidal.

Familiarity, rigs is initiated by using fishing line with size 20 until 60 pound.
Rigs size depends on the strength of main line, fish hook size, reels capacity and the fishing-rod strength that is used. In addition, the brighter color of fishing line is suitable used. The rigs are estimated between 1 until 2 legs.

Suitable rigs for beach fishing..
Mulloway rig

Paternoster no 1

Paternoster no 2

Running sinking rigs


The Lures (Top Fishing Games)


Grouper fishing is almost always done with bait, as they are difficult to fish with lures. They are bottom dwellers that live with rocks and corals. They can be caught over shallow rocks and corals by casting or trolling lures. Crank baits (lures with lips) are normally used and need to be worked close to the structure. As for marlin, almost any reasonably large structure can be used and these range in the thousands. What works is just anybody’s guess. That is why you can finds hundreds of articles in tens of fishing magazines from all over the world on marlin fishing and the way each expert does it and the lures they use.

Lure fishing for marlin is usually done by trolling with downriggers, outriggers, down planners, side planners and etc. When you start out fishing, try to enjoy nature as well. Remember that it is a wonderfully healthy hobby, getting close to nature. To enjoy nature, we must play our part and maintain the natural surrounding. One way is to remember to release what we do not want so our children can fish.

Article Source: Rod and Line Magazine - September 2000



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