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By Irsan Gao

True-blue fishers will never be content with their usual fishing trips. As they frequent the waters, they tend to look for more challenges and more adventures. In answer to that, they produce fishing games to play. Games played over the seas and oceans will definitely make the whole experience thrilling for them.

There are different kinds of fishing games to play. There are real fishing games over the waters like tournament fishing. Here, you get to play with a team or as an individual against other talented fishers. Your goal is to catch the biggest fish of a certain type in the seas.

Another type of fishing game you can play is a virtual fishing game. This is perfect when it's the fishing off season, like winter. When it's winter, it is impossible to fish. During that time, the fish hibernates. And the icy waters and the cold weather would prohibit you to do anything much on the oceans.

Regardless which fishing games you choose to play, both are expected to hone your skills, keep you occupied, and entertain you a lot. If it isn't the fishing season today and you're raring to fish, you can always do one of two things - fly to the next best destination where fishing is at its peak or go over your game console and start playing fishing games in it. The latter is the cheaper option. But if you really want the real thing, choose the first option. Only, you shouldn't just take the plane without planning ahead. You don't want to spend big bucks on something you didn't even enjoy.

Fishing games are very important for fishers. One good game is a fishing trivia game. This game is played with cards where the fishing questions are written. Each question has to be answered correctly to gain points. This game can be played individually or with a group of players. It is the best game to play while you're waiting for your catch or as you go to the spot where you will do some fishing. Sometimes, the prime fishing spot is thirty minutes away from shore. If you get impatient easily, get the stack and start playing. You can also play a game like this as you board the plane to the secluded fishing you reserved.

Fishing games to play over the internet and game consoles are loads of fun as well. Good examples would be the classic Sega Bass Fishing game. This game was introduced in 1990. Now, it has evolved much and is currently being played in the all-new Nintendo Wii game console. Of all the game consoles in the market today, this one is the best when it comes to fishing games. It produces a more realistic experience unlike the others. Use the console's handset as a fishing rod and practice casting right from the comforts of your home. It isn't real but it does feel real. And if ever you want to take your game to a higher level, purchase a Wii fishing rod and use it together with your console. Then it becomes a virtual reality game that you will certainly enjoy.

Hooked is another fishing game to pay. If you loved the Sega Bass Fishing game, you'll surely love this one as well. Hooked can also be played on the Nintendo Wii. Here, you use the console as the rod and your goal is to catch the best fish in the virtual ocean. The graphics of this game is quite realistic. It even takes you to a surreal adventure on a meteorite lake. The beauty of this game is that it includes a tutorial segment that you can actually apply on your real fishing adventures over the oceans.

Rapala Pro Fishing is another good fishing game. This one's created by Activision and it can be played on almost all consoles. Here you will wear authentic Rapala gears and you will go on a guided fishing trip to get the best catch. The game includes underwater graphics that are very realistic. The special effects used in this game are simply amazing.

These are the suggested fishing games to play using your computer or game console, just in case you're in the mood for fishing but the season isn't. So instead of flying over to the next continent to satisfy your desire, just log on to the internet or turn on your game console and start fishing right away!

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