When it comes to types of fishing, fly fishing is perhaps the most unique. The way a fisherman has to use the rod and line dictates a need for a fishing reel that is specific for the techniques used. With this in mind, lets look at how to choose your fly fishing reel.

To start with there are two different types of fishing reels to consider. Single action and automatic fly reels. The most common is the single action reel whose basic design is comprised of a spool with crank handle and a drag system. Looking at the automatic fly reels you will discover they are made with a catch mechanism, which reels the line automatically. The other difference is that the automatic fly reel does not come with a drag device.

This brings us to the point of drag and why you may or may not care if your fly fishing reel has this feature. Anglers who go fly fishing for larger fish, may want to consider having drag on their reel. Playing out a steelhead or larger fish without a drag may be exciting, but novice fly fishermen may want to start with a drag system to help them land the beastie. This is not to say you must have drag when fishing for bigger fish, but simply that it helps.

Of course the ease in which the fly fishing reel plays out the line is an important consideration. After all the primary purpose of reel after line storage is how well the line is accessible. After purchasing your reel you can keep it in top running order with some simple maintenance, but at the time of purchase you should carefully look at how well the reel plays out.

Construction of your fly fishing reel is often dictated by the type of fishing you will be doing. Lightweight material like graphite is great for that freshwater experience on a stream or similar body of water. Yet if you are fishing someplace with that is brackish or has saltwater, then you will probably be looking for a corrosive resistant construction like stainless steel. This too is also durable for those big fish.

Selecting your next fly fishing reel should be a fun experience. Having the understanding of these basics on fishing reels will help you in understanding what you are looking at and how it comes into play in your fishing experience.

Dean Carl has been an avid fisherman most of his life. His fishing experiences have contributed to his articles with the hope that a better understanding of a persons fishing arsenal, including the fishing reel will result in more enjoyable fishing trips and vacations. His article comes courtesy of
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