Fishing Trip in Pulau Payar Langkawi Island (Top Fishing Games)


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Fishing Trip in Pulau Payar Langkawi Island

For all anglers, I would like to share this article and images for deep sea fishing. The Location is Tukun Selatan Pulau Payar, Malaysia. The deep blue waters of the Straight of Malacca Sea are ideal for game fish, and the region is on the migratory paths of classics fighting fish such as barracuda, marlin, Narrowbarred Mackerel, Grouper, Snappers, Golden Trevally, and others species.

It is unimaginable to go away from Langkawi Island without having at least once participated to a deep sea fishing. Deep-sea fishing, as the name suggests is hunting for the game fishes that are normally found deep out in the sea. The waters of Langkawi are absolutely perfect for deep-sea fishing. It can be said that Langkawi is indeed an angler's paradise with such an exotic variety of game fishes on offer.

Species : Barracuda 7.5kg – 8.0kg
Rod : Seahawk Scorpion
Reel : Shimano TLD 30
Line : Berkley 40 pound
Bait : Rapala

Langkawi provides pure game fishing enjoyment. Little can compare the adventure of riding the ocean swells in a sleek ship in the hot pursuit of game fish. With an astonishing variety of deep sea fauna, Langkawi is a compulsory stop for deep sea fishing lovers. Deep sea fishing at Langkawi is indeed one fantastic adventure that cannot be foregone. Just enjoy and relax.

TOP FISHING GAMES - Fishing Trip in Langkawi Island

Fishing Games - Rigs For Beach Fishing


Different styles of fishing require different rig setups and in this article, I would like to show how to make simple rigs for beach fishing. The best methods for beach fishing depend on the kind of bait use, sinker size, technique of rigs, and the tidal.

Familiarity, rigs is initiated by using fishing line with size 20 until 60 pound.
Rigs size depends on the strength of main line, fish hook size, reels capacity and the fishing-rod strength that is used. In addition, the brighter color of fishing line is suitable used. The rigs are estimated between 1 until 2 legs.

Suitable rigs for beach fishing..
Mulloway rig

Paternoster no 1

Paternoster no 2

Running sinking rigs


The Lures (Top Fishing Games)


Grouper fishing is almost always done with bait, as they are difficult to fish with lures. They are bottom dwellers that live with rocks and corals. They can be caught over shallow rocks and corals by casting or trolling lures. Crank baits (lures with lips) are normally used and need to be worked close to the structure. As for marlin, almost any reasonably large structure can be used and these range in the thousands. What works is just anybody’s guess. That is why you can finds hundreds of articles in tens of fishing magazines from all over the world on marlin fishing and the way each expert does it and the lures they use.

Lure fishing for marlin is usually done by trolling with downriggers, outriggers, down planners, side planners and etc. When you start out fishing, try to enjoy nature as well. Remember that it is a wonderfully healthy hobby, getting close to nature. To enjoy nature, we must play our part and maintain the natural surrounding. One way is to remember to release what we do not want so our children can fish.

Article Source: Rod and Line Magazine - September 2000


Fishing Games - Make Simple Fishing Rigs by Using Waste Materials


Different styles of fishing require different rig setups and in this article, I would like to show how to make simple fishing rigs by using waste materials such as empty ball pen refill, insulation wires and cotton bud. Hopefully angler can apply this method because you will save your budget when fishing.

Step 1

Cut up into desired length.

Step 2

You need 30 – 40lbs fishing line.

Step 3

Line thread into the ball pen tube then fix a swivel as shown in figure above.

Step 4

Pull into opposite direction.

This knot is suitable for beach fishing. Use the right hook for your target species. Don’t forget, practice catch and release whenever possible. Best luck of you!
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Fishing Games - Tips To Hook Live Bait When Live Bait Is Plentiful


If plenty of live baits are available, hook the fish upside down through its stomach. The severely injured fish will struggle and give off distress signals of a dying fish, attracting the predators from all around. Cutting off the tail also does same things; in addition the blood leaves a scent trail for the predators to follow. However, the live bait does not live very long when it is baited this way, thus the need for plenty of live bait.

"The hook should not penetrate the fish’s lateral line, or else it will be killed. Keep the hook above the sensitive lateral line".

"Hook the live bait between the caudal fin and tail below the lateral line when fishing with running sinker rigs on the bottom in slow or still waters".

Squid and Octopus

When using squid and octopus, its need to be handled gently. Hook the squid at the top of the head, just a little; too much and the squid will die. The head is the pointy part, opposite to the tentacles. The octopus is hooked up in very much the same way. However, watch out for the sharp beak in its mouth below the tentacles.

"Make sure hook squid just through the tip of the head".


Prawns are favored live bait for estuary fish. There are several methods to rig a prawn. One of them is to gently hook it up behind the head at the shoulder, just lightly through the shell. Do not hook too deep because it will be killed. Another method is to hook it through the tail. The use of thick wire hooks will kill the delicate prawn. Quality fine wire hooks like the high carbon hooks are the best suited for this task.

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Fishing Tips - Gang Hooks For Those That Snatch And Run (Top Fishing Games)


Gang Hooks are great for fishes that snatch and run before attempting to swallow the bait. Examples are long toms, silver grunters and snappers. You can use no. 2/0 big eye hooks. Slip the point of the hook through the eye of the second hook. Then pierce a piece of silver colored sequin to prevent the hook from dislodging free. The number of hooks used is dependent on the size of the bait fish. Start hooking the bait fish with the end hook and the back of the head, followed by the second one just below the dorsal fin and so on. Avoid piercing the lateral line so as to keep the bait fish alive.

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