By Chad Arrowsmith

For a true angler, a pot-hole filled with water is a temptation. We're willing to try out any body of water in the hopes of landing the big one. Even so, we also want a chance to fish the hottest areas with the best fishing. Following are the five locations that promise every fishing trip will be a dream for the real fishermen among us.

5) On our list of the best fishing places in the US, Montauk Point weighs in at number 5. Montauk Point is the home of New York's oldest lighthouse. Located on Long Island, Montauk Point offers some of the best and most varied surfcasting available anywhere.

Fish caught there: Marlin, Mackerel, Sharks, Cod, Weakfish, Tuna, and Striped Bass

4) Yellowstone National Park is the second of the best fishing places in the US. This national park, located in Wyoming, is world renowned as the home of the geyser 'Old Faithful' and is a destination for millions of vacationing families each year. What is lesser known is that Yellowstone (and the region around it) is home to some of the greatest Trout fishing an angler could imagine. From the stocked streams within the park, to the many streams and rivers in the area containing trophy-level wild Trout, Yellowstone should be on any 'Fishing Across America' tour.

Fish caught there: Trout

3) Our rundown of the best fishing places in the US continues with Key West. Located in Florida, Key West is the wonderful area Ernest Hemingway (American Nobel Laureate) chose to call home in the 1930's. Along with all the family amenities a tourist could expect, Key West boasts the kind of salt water fishing excitement that could tempt us all to pull up our roots and move there.

Fish caught there: Tarpon, Bonefish

2) The next of the best fishing places in the US is the Ozark Mountains area. Located in Missouri, the Ozark Mountains area is one of the truly relaxed vacation areas in the US. This area is one where you take things at your own pace and unwind from the day to day stresses of life. Abounding with fishable rivers, the Ozark Mountains area is somewhere an angler can hop in a canoe and discover paradise.

Fish caught there: Smallmouth Bass

1) Finally, coming in number one on our list of the best fishing places in the US is the Outer Banks. Located on the coast of North Carolina, the Outer Banks is the perfect 'back to nature' vacation spot for a family or a fisherman looking to pull in as many fish as he can handle. What makes the Outer Banks such a special fishing place is that it is located along migration routes for monster schools of fish. During the month of November, the Outer Banks offers what is probably the most active, exciting fishing anywhere in the world.

Fish caught there: Albacore

Every angler has a mental list of dream fishing trips. These locations, the best fishing places in the US should be on every fisherman's list.

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By Abhishek Agarwal

Sate your fishing desire not just through the water but also with your home computer. Do not fuss if the or the weather season ain't favorable for fishing, you can still experience the same adrenaline rush and bass fishing enjoyment anytime and at the relaxation and convenience of your own home. The internet has so many free bass games that you can enjoy at your own convenience.

The following are some of the bass fishing game available for download that you can come across in the internet. They can be freely played on-line or when downloaded, just ensure that your system requirements that these games require are met. Connect to the internet and have fun, these are some of the most exciting and practical free bass fishing games for you.

1) The Fishing Expert 4.0; this game has a database that queries your fishing condition, and then offers you over 500 proven fishing techniques or patterns. It considers the weather, water types, time of year, the wind condition, spawn conditions, pressure systems, e.t.c

2) The Pro Bass Fishing; this one will plunge you into fishing adventure made very realistic with splashing fishes, jumping fish, dancing water bug, rippling water, bouncing rod tip and the largest aggressive bass fishes that landed on your computer. These fishing adventures are unlimited as you select the lake, hotspot, species, tackle and the weather. You control every aspect of the game.

3) The Rapala Pro fishing by Activision; the Rapala Activision company is well recognized by most devoted anglers, because they make big bucks from manufacturing product and accessories and this game is born as their game. It allows you to cruise fast in your boats, irrespective of the type. Try the definitive on-line bass fishing with this high powered free to try fishing sport.

4) The In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies by the global Star Software; this game allows you to get the big boy off the boat and establish yourself as the in fisherman. Take a virtual day off and be the man of the lake. Catch that prized fish then try hard for more. This free fishing game offers the bass fishing real experience like the real thing.

5) The Pro Bass Fishing by Atari; Play and conduct all the fishing challenges with your pals and win the well-liked online gaming portal, the Game Spy Arcade. take pleasure in the panorama of both the northern & southern lake. What lies ahead will be a surprise. Enjoy your weekend away with your boys any day of the week at your homes convenience.

6) The Outdoor Life; An ultimate Sportsman's Challenge. Where the Sims city meets with the backwood yokel cousins. This magical fishing spot is right in your fingertip. Bag the big bucks and the monster bass that flourishes while you sell your out-of-doors paradise. You have total control and the power of all you desire in bass fishing and all at your mouse click.

7) The Championship Bass by EA Sports; This on-line game gives pc anglers a small selection of rivers and lakes, you also have additional baits and colors to select from. The game is simple and easy to play. It offers great graphics with a lot of fun factor, it is something you can absolutely expects from EA sports.

8) The Trophy Bass 4 from Vivendi Universal games; dubbed the mother of every computer fishing games, this bass fishing game lays downs the standard of fishability and of playability. The Trophy Bass 4 bass fishing games provide unlimited fun with demonstrated classic controls in any bass fishing game. It offers you a huge library loaded with fishing tips and will tech you how to fish while playing this thrilling game.

9) The Flysim Fly fishing sport by the; this is an incredible fishing game that depicts real life motions that one can feel when doing the real fly fishing.

10) The Trophy Bass 3D by the Vivendi Universal Games; this bass fishing game was introduced after Prize Bass 2. it offers newly improved three dimensional rendered fish game engine. You have to be accustomed to the previous game series and improve your speed with this game. The dash of adrenaline comes like a thunderjolt and this experience is simply extraordinary. Get ready for the journey of your life.

Abhishek is an avid Bass Fishing enthusiast and he has got some great Bass Fishing Secrets up his sleeve! Download his FREE 135 Pages Ebook, "How To Become A Bass Fishing Pro!" from his website Only limited Free Copies available.

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By Craig Petersen

If you love to fish but you just can't seem to get out enough to get some quality fishing time in with your buddies, some of the free bass fishing games on the internet could probably be truly entertaining to you. There is nothing like finding something that you like to do and developing other hobbies around it; just as avid bowlers love bowling games, avid fishers can easily fall in love with the free bass fishing games on the web. Depending on the style of game you choose, there is no doubt about the fact that these games are not too difficult to get into.

What to Look for in Free Bass Fishing Games

The free bass fishing games on the internet range from pretty basic to fairly advanced, but free is free and many times you get what you pay for. Free games do not usually allow for players to save their progress, but they do occasionally allow for players to easily interact with one another. If you are the type of computer gamer that likes to chat with other people as they play, some of these more interactive free bass fishing games may be a good idea for you.

Of course, not all of the bass fishing games on the Internet are free. Some of them are going to require payment and you do usually get just what you pay for. If you pay a few dollars for a game, you are going to get a better experience than you would if you were playing some of the free games on the web. It depends on what you want to do; it is not always a good idea to pay for a game as its luster could die for you and your money will have been wasted. Needless to say, free fishing games are always the desired action but if you are finding that you need more than the free games have to offer, you know what to do.

Playing free fishing games on the computer can be quite entertaining to say the least. Don't let it distract you from your work responsibilities or your home responsibilities, as that is an easy trap to fall into and certainly not something that you should want to be part of. They say that online gaming is addictive, and you probably never thought you would have a chance to be part of it. Well, find out for yourself this time!

You can find more information about free bass fishing games at our site. While you're there grab your copy of a free report to help you plan your next trip and then read the secret to finding free fishing games online.

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By Diane Crawford

Fly fishing is something that is rapidly gaining in popularity, and can be a lot of fun. You don't have to be an experienced master fisherman to be good at fly fishing, and you may be surprised to find out that it is has very little in common with traditional fishing at all, even using different equipment and bait. Even your basic technique will be different in fly fishing, so you may want to do your homework, before you set off on that first fly fishing expedition. One of the first areas you will need to do some research on is fly fishing knots, as you will have to learn the basics, if you hope to have good luck as a fly fisherman.

There are many different types of fly fishing knots, but to begin with you only need to learn and become proficient with a few. Many of the more common knots are fairly easy to master, so you should probably start with those first. They are known as fly fishing basic knots, and include the cinch knot, the arbor knot, the nail knot, the surgeons knot, and the Albright knot. If you have a friend or are acquainted with someone who already spends a lot of time fly fishing, they may be willing to help you learn how to do these basic knots. If not, you can find out the basics online, or maybe even in your local public library or bookstore.

Each of the above mentioned knots has a different fly fishing purpose, so along with learning how to actually tie the knots, you will also need to know when to use them as well. All of the knots may take some time and practice to learn, but if you keep working with them, you will eventually get the hang of it.

Once you learn the basic fly fishing knots, you should make certain that before you start fishing, you test them out to make certain they are sturdy. You don't want to lose a great catch because of a faulty knot that is for sure! The best way to test your knots is to pour a small amount of water over them, and then pull on the lines to make sure the knots hold. No matter how proficient you become at tying knots and fly fishing, if you forget to test your knots, sooner or later you will lose a catch.

When fly fishing, you should also learn to properly care for your equipment, as it can be expensive to replace. It will eventually succumb to wear and tear no matter what you do, and you should inspect it on a regular basis, to look for just those signs. If you don't have the proper fly fishing equipment, or if it is poor condition, you will have a difficult time catching anything, no matter how great you are at tying fly fishing knots!

Besides learning about Fly Fishing Knots, you can also browse a huge collection of fly fishing tips at

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By Ernest Tang

Tying a high quality fly fishing knot is an essential aspect of a repertoire for a fly fisherman so as to catch the ideal fish. The line is generally consisted of different lines in addition to the fly at the tail end; hence tying a good knot is a prerequisite so as not to make it come loose when you are out on your fishing voyage. Otherwise there will be gloomy tale to tell of the fishes that get away.

So how to tell what is a good knot? The mark of one is that it will not come loose when you are battling with the fish. To ensure that, a good practice is to moisten it by applying water or saliva, then tighten it with a firm pull to permit it to be snug tightly throughout the whole knot. That is the correct method if the fish will to drag in one direction; it will not cause the line to sever as the knot is consistently pulled.

After tightening the knot, it is vital to check every knot to make certain that there is no abrasion. If not the fisherman has to redo it so that it can stand up to the test. When you notice that a line is torn or worn out, then it is time to get a new one or the knot will cause you to lose your catch. Every component of the line and knot have to be in ideal condition or you will never get the best fly fishing knot regardless of your tying skill.

Perhaps we can observe certain types of knots so as to get the fishing line well and ready. Closest to the reel, we have the Arbor knot that is most frequently employed to join backing of the spool to the reel. From then on, you utilize an Albright knot to fasten the backing to the fly line. That can pose a problem as by and large the lines are constructed of disparate materials. The next fly fishing knot in line is the Nail knot as it joins the leader to the fly line and it is a very important knot as it is what turns the fly over at casting. Subsequently what you need to take note is the Double Surgeon's fly knot that secures the tippet to the leader. Finally, the Improved Clinch fly fishing knot is for most part employed to attach the tippet to the fly, therefore the job of tying the fly fishing line is completed.

Ernest enjoys the thrill of fly fishing and tips are an essential part of getting the ideal catch. Read it all at

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