By Trevor Kugler

In this article I want to discuss some of the more popular fishing lures in the hopes that I can narrow the choices down to the best fishing lure. Actually, I believe that the term the best fishing lure is different for every angler, I mean come on is one fishing lure actually the best? Of course not, there are different fishing lures for different fishing situations, so what I'm going to discuss the most popular, and you can make your own decision as to which fishing lure is actually the best fishing lure…for you.

Obviously, when it comes to fishing lures, trying to figure out which is the best can be a tough decision. There are literally tens of thousands of choices available and navigating through those choices can be a tall order. With this article I hope to cut through some of the BS and give you some real world information, and even some suggestions as to the effectiveness of this or that fishing lure. Lets begin our search for the best fishing lure, shall we?
  • Top Water Fishing Lures - Top water fishing lures are just what the name suggests…fishing lures that are fished on the surface, or top, of the water. These fishing lures can imitate wounded bait fish, frogs, or even small mammals. I've always had success with frog imitation poppers and minnow imitation top water plugs such as the Zara Spook. A great tip for fishing top water lures is to do it when the water is as calm as possible, the more the surface of the water is like glass, the better top water fishing lures will work.

  • Spinners & Spoons - I'm grouping spinners and spoons together because I believe they are in the some family. The both imitate baitfish (for the most part) and can both be quite effective as fishing lures. The two most popular versions of spinner and spoons are probably Rooster Tails for spinners and Daredevils for spoons. A daredevil spoon in the colors red and white have long been known as a great pike bait. Rooster Tails are wonderful for trout and smallmouth bass fishing. Are spinners and spoons the best fishing lure? That’s for you to decide…

  • Minnow Imitations - Minnow imitation fishing lures are more than likely the type of fishing lure that all of the world is the most familiar with. These are the fishing lures that look like bait fish and come in all of the sizes and colors that actual baitfish are available in. These types of fishing lures are also available in colors that only a 3-year old could love. There are minnow imitation fishing lures that dive a few feet deep to as many as thirty feet deep. You can cover the entire water table with minnow imitations. The most popular of these types of fishing lures has to be Rapala's. Rapala's are made from balsa wood and are a very lifelike, realistic, and effective fishing lure. Another lifelike and realistic fishing lure is the KickTail Minnow. The KickTail Minnow is fairly new to the fishing lure market and looks as much like a real bait fish as anything that I've ever seen. The bottom line is that minnow imitations are exactly what the name suggests: fishing lures that imitate minnows…

  • Rubber Worms & Grubs - These might not be considered 'fishing lures' to some anglers, but they are close enough to be added to the list in my mind. Rubber worms have been a favorite of bass fishermen for generations, and rubber grubs attached to a jig head can be an incredibly effective method for catching almost every species of fish. Rubber Worms are rigged in various ways and one of the most popular methods is called the 'Carolina rig'. Rigs such as the Carolina rig are used mainly for fishing for large mouth bass.

At the end of the day, the best fishing lure is the lure that's your favorite. It would be impossible to say that one type of fishing lure is truly better than another. Some work better than others, or dive deeper than others, but the bottom line is that your favorite, is your favorite, and your favorite fishing lure is, to you, the best fishing lure. No matter what type of fishing lure you consider to be the best, make sure that You're fishing when the fish are the most active. There is no substitute for the two factors of fishing when the fish are active and practice. The better that your angling skills become, the more fish you'll catch, no matter what type of fishing lure you use.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…..Montana!
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Bass Fishing Online Games - 5 Free Games To Excite The Kids

By Abhishek Agarwal

Today, bass fishing as a sport has gained a lot of popularity everywhere due to the importance that has been given to it by the people. People find pleasure and fun fishing for bass. Americans are the top bass fishers all over the world.

Bass Fishing is not only popular among men, but also among women of all age categories. Its popularity is such that several TV programmers in the US have take up Bass Fishing as their topic. Bass fishing, to learn, is very enjoyable and a guide can help one to learn the sport and catch fish. Observing the guide, one can come up with different tactics too. It is only the interest that keeps the bass fishing skill alive.


By Dean Carl

Saltwater fishing conjures up the image of a vast sea with a large fish dancing across the waters surface. This is not far from reality when you think more generally terms of large fish and corrosive conditions. These are the two main reasons why a good saltwater fishing reel is so important to your fishing arsenal.

While a saltwater reel may look much like any other reel, the fact is that the these fishing reels are constructed for saltwater fishing conditions and are designed to stand up to the elements that a fisherman encounters. They are also made to with stand the rigors of heavier fish.
Consider first the type of fishing you will be doing. Shore fishing and open water fishing are two of the distinct types of saltwater fishing anglers can enjoy. Each type requires a different type of reel.

If open water fishing is for you, then you will be searching for a reel that has durable construction and is more on the heavy-duty end for bigger fish and deeper depths. Baitcasting type of reels are the most commonly used saltwater fishing reels, as these saltwater types of reels are made to handle heavy line weights associated with open water fishing. Also you will find the drag systems accommodate a variety of resistance automatically.

Shore fishing on the other hand will most likely be scaled back when it comes to the depth of the water and the fish size. Here a spinning reel, similar to those used when bass fishing, will do the job. The saltwater spinning reels offers better resistance to corrosion, as it is normally made from stainless steel. Always keep corrosion in mind when thinking of reel selection or reel maintenance.

The life expectancy of your saltwater fishing reel depends squarely on your care. Cleaning is crucial when you own saltwater reels. Always hose down your saltwater equipment after every outing. This will help your expensive fishing reel last longer.

Dean Carl has been an avid fisherman most of his life. His fishing experiences have contributed to his articles with the hope that a better understanding of a persons fishing arsenal, including the fishing reel will result in more enjoyable fishing trips and vacations. His article comes courtesy of

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When it comes to types of fishing, fly fishing is perhaps the most unique. The way a fisherman has to use the rod and line dictates a need for a fishing reel that is specific for the techniques used. With this in mind, lets look at how to choose your fly fishing reel.

To start with there are two different types of fishing reels to consider. Single action and automatic fly reels. The most common is the single action reel whose basic design is comprised of a spool with crank handle and a drag system. Looking at the automatic fly reels you will discover they are made with a catch mechanism, which reels the line automatically. The other difference is that the automatic fly reel does not come with a drag device.

This brings us to the point of drag and why you may or may not care if your fly fishing reel has this feature. Anglers who go fly fishing for larger fish, may want to consider having drag on their reel. Playing out a steelhead or larger fish without a drag may be exciting, but novice fly fishermen may want to start with a drag system to help them land the beastie. This is not to say you must have drag when fishing for bigger fish, but simply that it helps.

Of course the ease in which the fly fishing reel plays out the line is an important consideration. After all the primary purpose of reel after line storage is how well the line is accessible. After purchasing your reel you can keep it in top running order with some simple maintenance, but at the time of purchase you should carefully look at how well the reel plays out.

Construction of your fly fishing reel is often dictated by the type of fishing you will be doing. Lightweight material like graphite is great for that freshwater experience on a stream or similar body of water. Yet if you are fishing someplace with that is brackish or has saltwater, then you will probably be looking for a corrosive resistant construction like stainless steel. This too is also durable for those big fish.

Selecting your next fly fishing reel should be a fun experience. Having the understanding of these basics on fishing reels will help you in understanding what you are looking at and how it comes into play in your fishing experience.

Dean Carl has been an avid fisherman most of his life. His fishing experiences have contributed to his articles with the hope that a better understanding of a persons fishing arsenal, including the fishing reel will result in more enjoyable fishing trips and vacations. His article comes courtesy of
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In this article, I like to discuss about Rigs and Best Bait to catch more fish.

1.Life bait by two hook

2.Drift technique also can be used

3.Fish by one hook

4.Slice fish deduction by two hooks

5.Squid by two hook

6.Double hooks used with second hook loose remained at main line so that it easy to come down, rose when under pressure or jammed fish.

7.Fishing method used surf fishing coast with sinker slung round main line to double the strength of main line.

8.Squid by one hook. Hook also used to sew so that squid formed straight. Note hook did not come in through squid body but am being stabbed from left and right its body until head.

9.mark shean’s technique use squid part by two hook

10.Squid or fish slice by one hook. Note hook utilised as needle to span slice so that in a straight line.

11.Rig for fish in estuary or mouth are made up running sinker and double hooks. Hook connected on with this siker will strain main line double

12.Double hooks used with second hook blocked with main line with rope that is more flexible as alternative easier.


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