What is the Most Effective Freshwater Fishing Lure? (Top Fishing Games)


In my opinion, jigs are most effective freshwater fishing lure. The jig come with all its accessories, colors, sizes, and sporadic action seems to logically be the best lure. For walleye, jigs are effective fishing lures to catch this species. One of the most effective fishing lures for walleye that use by anglers is a bullet or tube jig. This is a style of jig that features a tube skirt covering the lure. Floater jigs is the other type that can also be used as lures. A float jig is one of the most efficient fishing lures intended for walleye in shallow waters where walleye may be present.

However, the effectiveness of lures is determined by a ton of factors. Weather, wind, temperature of the air and water, pressure both atmospheric and by fishermen, and time of year. I would suggest another approach; do some research and see what sells the best- that might be some indication of what is the most popular, and what is likely works the best.

Below are some of the more popular freshwater fishing lures in the hopes that I can narrow the choices down to the best fishing lure.

Lipless crank baits are very versatile as they can be fished high or low in the water column. Jerk baits are great for early spring pre-spawn patterns.

Another lure is the spinner bait. The spinner bait will catch more bass then any other lure on the market in just about every conceivable condition. It can be fished on top, the bottom, fast, slow, on the fall, etc. Overall it will catch more bass and catch them faster then any other lure.

In the end, I believe that the term the best freshwater fishing lure is different for every angler and you can make your own decision as to which fishing lure is actually the best fishing lure for you.

FRESHWATER FISHING LURE (Effective Freshwater Fishing Lure)

Bass Fishing Online Games (Top Fishing Games)


It is important that you first learn and read adequate information and guides about bass fishing. Bass fishing is an interesting hobby. It is in fact one of the most popular hobbies of people throughout the world. More countries have taken up fishing for bass. You might as well try your hand at the free bass fishing games available online. This is the subsequently best activity that you can enjoy, since the fishing port is closed this time of the year.

With free bass fishing games, you won't struggle with actual fish. What you should do is aim to strike a computer program. For those who have not played the game yet, should really give it a try as it's an experience that is definitely not to be missed. You might just find the fun that you are looking for all along. Depending on the style of game you choose, there is no doubt about the fact that these games are not too complex to get into. Let the game sharpen your techniques and skills. If you were capable to hit the best records in the game, you might as well stick together the tournament next season.

These are the best free bass fishing online games today that you can download. Browsing net you will come across numerous free downloadable bass fishing games online and also paid bass fishing games that are extremely inexpensive. The following are some of the bass fishing online games available for download that you can come across in the internet. They can be freely played on-line or when downloaded.

A high-quality compilation of free bass fishing games simply downloadable over the internet are the Rapala Pro Fishing Game and the In-Fisherman Freshwater Thropies prepared by Activision. The Rapala Pro Fishing game provides the greatest graphics in all of the fishing games available nowadays. You can choose which boat you'd like to sail on. There are bass boats and air boats available.

Another good set of free bass fishing online games that can be downloaded over the internet today are the Pro Bass Fishing series. There are two versions available and in this game, you can play in a networked mode with other members. It is also possible to play the game through Game Spy, an online gaming portal. Besides, if you want a free downloadable bass fishing online games, listed below are the games that you need. There are Super Bass Fishing Screensaver 2.1, Moving Images Bass Fishing #1, Bass Fishing Scenes 2.0, Fishing Calendar 1.42, and Ugly Bass Utilities.

In addition, if you have a lot of money, Bass Masters Classic and SEGA Bass Fishing are the two tough bass fishing online games that can be bought via the internet. The Bass Masters Classic is available for person whose age is from 6 and over. The cost of this online game ranges from $7.95 - $8.00. This features 3-D creation of 4 U.S. lakes and a practice lake of most anglers; various play modes, selectable difficulty levels, and a tutorial. SEGA Bass Fishing is available for those who are from ages 6 and above. This is appropriate for Window 95 and 98.

So, If you have never play the bass fishing online games, what's the wait! Get the console then play and enjoy the game. It could just all you need to keep you occupied throughout the days where fishing is not yet allowed.

TOP FISHING GAMES (Bass Fishing Online Games)

Sport Fishing Boats - Tips To Charter Them In Florida And Louisiana (Top Fishing Games)


Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Chart Sport Fishing are a fabulous choice for sport fishing trips as well as fishing cruise trips, alongside the ranks of all other sport fishing enthusiasts. You will find a range of options available at Coastal Companies, Deep Sea Sportfishing Charter Boats and trips for a charter fishing boat, from the west coasts right through to the southernmost states.

Charter Opportunities in Sport Fishing Boat That Are Popular

There are many Sport Fishing Boat Charter Opportunities to be found from Louisiana through to the most southern point of Florida, all over the U.S. There are many Charter boat companies that are popular in the south from cruise ships to luxury liners and here are some:

. Action Sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

. Captain Charlie's Fish Tales Charters in Port. St. Lucie

. Captain Rons Charters of Louisiana

. Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters in Chuluota

. Paradise Outfitters of Louisiana

. West Coast FLA Snooking in Dunedin, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is home to the Action Sportfishing company which is open to amateurs and professionals to sail out and explore the waters of Florida. The main areas for exploring are Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Everglades, Hollywood and Miami. In the large boats here the sportfishing includes activities in the deep sea, light tackle, as well as offshore and inshore explorations of the saltwater.

Port St. Lucie of Florida is the base for Captain Charlie's Fish Tale Charters. You can fish upon an 18' Key West Stealth flat boat, popular with sportfishing enthusiasts, with styles of fishing species that include redfish, snook, tarpon and trout. You will travel in the waters of Port St. Lucie and the South Indian River in Florida.

South East of Florida and the South West region of Louisiana have had the services of Captain Rons Charters for more than 30 years. You will find the best available fishing locations on the Gulf of Mexico where you find marshy areas and where there is wild life. Cobia, King Mackerel, Redfish Snapper and the Speckled Trout are some of the fish choices that are popular. This area is also a prime location for Trigger fish, with Captain Rons charter fishing boats out on the seas all week.

Sidell, Louisiana is host to the premier choice in salt-water fishing coastal and inland with Louisiana Fishing Adventures. The boat operators are coast guard officers that are retired, so no matter what skill level you are at they can offer an excursion that is valuable in your learning or for improving your technique. To get a complete experience, the tour provides safetey equipment and tackle, all in the comfort of the luxurious 24' Sea Pro Bay Boat.

Mosquito Coast, Paradise Outfitters, and West Coast FLA are the other options worth checking out to take you to the territories of Louisiana and Southern Florida.

Florida Keys - Charter Boats for Sportfishing

The Florida Keys is another destination popular for sportfishing. You will find many competitions, events and tournaments that are exciting and full of fun for you to enjoy. Check out the tropical waters for charter sport fishing boat Key West tournaments where you can use the Sea-Clusion's - a Bertram 46' Sport Fisherman boat. You will find luxurious features like cellular telephones, a full galley, large fish boxes and private restrooms.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/fishing-articles/sport-fishing-boats-tips-to-charter-them-in-florida-and-louisiana-776114.html

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Fishing Boats - 3 Things To Learn Before You Buy One (Top Fishing Games)


Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Some anglers prefer to wade in the water to catch their fish, whereas others prefer to go into the deeper waters in a fishing boat. Wading in the water may give some fishermen a high because of their proximity to the fish that they are going to catch, but it is not always safe to do so, and staying in a boat to catch your booty is a much better bet. Prior to setting out on a fishing trip it is always safe to make sure that your boat is in good working condition and will not suddenly break down in the middle of the water and leave you stranded. Selecting a boat should also be done according to your needs and should be given a lot of time and thought and not something that you should do in haste.

1. A sports boat as your choice

While thinking of buying a boat you should keep in mind the safety and comfort of those who will be on it. Sports boats offer both safety and comfort and are very popular as they can be used not only for sporting purposes but also for other activities too or for just enjoying the time spent on water. There are many kinds of water sports and you should take part in various activities so that the rest of your family can also enjoy themselves while you are out on a fishing expedition. So consider wake boarding and skiing apart from fishing for your dinner.

2. The different kinds of boats to choose from

Fishing boats that are made for shallow water and can hold only two people are called Skiffs. These boats are made for smaller areas of water and can be operated easily in the water. Skiffs are used the world over for rivers and small lakes.

Light tackle boats can be used for any kind of fishing and can accommodate 4 people on it. The main benefit is that the fishermen can move around on the boat as there is enough space. Some kinds of catch require the fishermen to walk around on the deck and this boat has enough space for movement. Being bigger it is also sturdier for bigger catch and is more comfortable for the fishermen to maneuver around.

An offshore boat is required for a deep sea fishing expedition. These offshore boats are around 35 to 45 feet in length and can hold 6 people on board. These boats have to be built strong so that they can withstand the pull of the bigger fish and also the thrust of the ocean water.

A head boat or party boat is also used for fishing expeditions. These boats are built larger and can hold many more people. The party boat offers a lot more of comfort and luxury so that your guests can fish enjoy the water and also relax. Party boats are used for family get together and picnics.

3. Selecting an apt fishing boat

The novice fisherman or the experienced one can both find a fishing boat that is suitable for their needs and that can be handled by them easily. In case you are not sure as to what kind of boat you should buy, you should read up about the different kinds of fishing boats and see what suits your requirement the best.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/fishing-articles/fishing-boats-3-things-to-learn-before-you-buy-one-776131.html

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How to Make Own Fishing Lures? (Top Fishing Games)


Here are a couple of links to sites with step by step instructions on how to make fishing lures with good high resolution pictures. They both give a list of materials you will need.




This link is an advertisement for a book on "Fishing Secrets" but, it'll give information on making your own lures. You need to use the index column on the left hand side of the page for the different types of lures. It's attractive informative and freebie.


This link is more about the necessary things needed for fabricating fishing lure i.e. body's, hooks, spinner blades and etc.


How to Catch More Fish : Tackle and Tips


Author: Chris Chandran

I lost three good fish due to my tackle not being up to par and I must admit that the fault is all mines. The losses could be prevented if only you had taken a little extra time to check and care for your tackle beforehand. Here is some couple of tips that I hope will help you from losing fish and lures.

Before and after every trip be sure to double check all the lures that you intend to use. Replace the standard bronzed trebles and rings that most American lures come with. Use those of the stainless steel variety and make sure that they are of the same size, or the action of the lure is sure to be sharpening the new hooks and flatten the barbs before putting them on. If you practice “catch and release”, barbless hooks are a must. They do not adequate to more fish lost, just as long as you keep the line taut during the fight. They cause much less damage to the fish and facilitate a quicker release. Last but not least, they are also safer for fisherman as accidents do happen.

A tackle back or similar lure retriever is worth its weight I lures. Save a lure and you get your money back (especially at today’s prices). Be sure though to use a snap with a swivel or the retriever will not be able to grip the lure. I must say that using a snap and swivel will affect the action of the lure and some might prefer to stick with a loop knot to retain the lures’ action. I guess it may be a question of more bites or more lures?

I was using Spiderwire Braid which the new types of line that make nylon feel as sensitive. Due to their low stretch, sensitivity is probably quadrupled; used in conjunction with a graphite rod, you could feel that lure fouling on rubbish or even a single leaf while trolling. All this results in more productive time spent on the water. Their fine diameter relative to their breaking strength means that finer lines can be used. Thus lure dive just a little bit deeper and more line can be spooled onto the reel than before.

We found our most productive lures to be Halco Sorcerers (or Scorpions as they are called in Australia) and Mann’s 10+. The Sorcerer was great for casting with a twitch, crank and twitch retrieve proving deadly on Jacks. The Mann’s meanwhile proved to be more productive on the troll as it got down deeper and was bumping the snags more often. However I have to admit that the largest fish of the trip was caught while trolling a Sorcerer quite a way off the bottom. Later we found out that there was an old tree that had fallen into the river at the spot and managed to catch a couple more fish from it.
Most importantly make sure that your reel has a smooth drag. A jerky, bumpy drag may result in straightened or pulled hooks and even a bust-off in an extreme case. Our Shimano Calcutta’s for example utilize a dry drag-washer system. A quick reel service beforehand to remove grease, gunk and oil from the washers is recommended.

The ability to cast a lure within six inches of a target again and again will result in a higher strike rate. The fact that I wasn’t getting my lure right into the mangrove roots by a ratio of three to one. Practice casting and it will result in more strikes and less lures in trees; that is one lesson I learned the hard way.

Article resources: “Rod and Line Magazine September 2000”

Others recommended tips to catch more fish :








Catch More Fish!


Mangrove Jack Fishing (Top Fishing Games)

Freshwater Fish

Mangrove Jack

The Mangrove Jack or Lutjanus argentimaculatus (siakap merah/kakap) as it is known locally is one of our premiere estuarine sport fish. The Jack spends most of its juvenile years in coastal rivers or waters, before moving to offshore reefs as they reach adulthood. A wild Jack that weighs more than a kilo, in a river would be considered a good fish.

Jacks spend most of their lives in ambush of prey amongst the tangle of mangrove roots (or cover) they call home. They readily take lures and when they hit, they hit very hard. Then they speed off for home as fast as they can. If you reflexes are not quick enough, an encounter with a sizeable Jack can be an expensive affair.

Article resources : Rod and Line ( September 2000)


How to Hook Live Bait for Fishing (Top Fishing Games)


Who couldn't use some tips for fishing with live bait? It seems tome that any angler worth his or her salt should always be interested in making themselves a more effective angler? I know this is certainly the case for me, and in this article I'm going to reveal some great tips for fishing with live bait that will help you catch more fish as soon as you implement them. Through many years of fishing I've realized that the biggest key to fishing with live bait is that your bait appears as natural as possible. There are some basic principles that should not be ignored when using live bait.

When fishing with live bait, it is desirable to have a much shorter hook shank for two reasons. First, a short shank allows the live bait to swim naturally, and second, the shorter shank means the hook is more complicated for feeding fish to detect. Long shank hooks with live bait draw fewer strikes.

The type of hook used affects the appearance of the bait. If the hook is too big, the weight and thickness of the hook will inhibit the natural movement of the live bait. The live bait is quickly tired due to the load of the hook. In addition the large hook prevents the live bait from wriggling naturally. The sizeable wound created by the large hook also kills the bait in a short time due to the shock.

A large hook is also highly visible, and cautious predator will be quick to note that the outline of the bait fish is quite dissimilar. It is also a fact that the metal of the hook reacts with saltwater and creates an electrical field in the water. It is possible that the predator senses these unusual differences and might be put off.

On the other hand, a small hook can be hidden well, sometimes too well. The predator might take the live bait in its mouth and swim off but when it feels the weight in the line or the strike by the angler, the bait could be pulled out of its mouth without the point of the hook penetrating anywhere in the mouth of the predator. This is due to the small size of the hook keeping the point of the hook buried in the body of the live bait. Even if the bait has been swallowed into the stomach of the predator, it is possible for the predator to regurgitate the bait out, with the hook still embedded in the bait, unless the angler is fortunate enough to have the hook torn free of the live bait and get a hold within the jaws of the predator.

Therefore, the size of the hook should match the size of the live bait. Too big a hook, the live bait may not be taken, too small and chances of getting a hook up are lessened.

In my opinion I prefer to use a short shanked hook for live bait as there are fewer hooks exposed. Basically I use the gape width between points and hook shank as my guide for choosing hook size for the live bait. The thickness of the gape should be approximately the similar or slightly smaller than the thickest cross sectional width of live bait where it is hooked. As the live bait is hooked up lower or above the thickest portion of the live bait where it is thinner, therefore the hook point will expose. The point to hook the live bait varies with the situation. Normally while fishing offshore there will be a strong current. I normally hook the live fish just behind the neck at the shoulder just before the dorsal fin. This allows the fish to swim in nature facing the current, thus staying alive longer. This method applies whether I fish with a balloon rig near the surface, mid water or just off the base.

If I’m fishing the bottom near the coastline in areas of nil or very slow current with a running sinker rig, the hook is placed at the underside of the fish, behind the caudal fin near the tail. At all times makes sure the hook position is not pushed plane against the body of the live bait, especially when the leader is pressed flat against the body of the live bait, as if the live bait was in the mouth of the killer. This will ensure that the point has a good chance of sinking into the mouth of the game fish, when it takes the live bait in its mouth.So plan you next trip accordingly, choosing the right hook application for your particular outing. Successful catches are most often determined by the terminal tackle you use, and the most important part of that terminal tackle is the hook. Choose wisely and fish often.


Fishing For Beginner (Top Fishing Games)


The Rod

As a beginner fisherman, I would like recommend a fiberglass rod, either solid or hollow. Solid rods are cheap and extremely hardly. They can take a lot of abuse without breaking and if they do break it is usually at metal ferules. These can be changed for just a few Ringgit/Dollar. The disadvantage is that they are heavy and the rod action is usually slow. They are usually made with lower quality components-guides and reel seats – hence the low prices. Hollow fiberglass rods are much lighter and have better action. They are not as tough as the solid rods but are more users friendly because of their lighter weight. Later in your fishing interests you may want to upgrade to graphite rods but for now and with your budget, one of the above would do.

The Reel

As for the reel, look for something in the same class ie 20 lb. What we call a spinning reel will do just fine. Forget about the multipliers for now. The reel will need to have a line capacity of around 120 to 150 meters of 20 lb line. A well-known brand is usually a better buy. Look for one that is suitable for saltwater, as estuary is saltwater. Although most reels do not specify usage for salt or fresh water, the better tackle shops will able to help you here. If not, look for reels that specify stainless steel bearings.

Article Source:
Rod and Line Magazine - September 2000

Enjoying Free Bass Fishing Games (Top Fishing Games)

Author: Edward Chen

If you happen to read this during the off-season for fishing, then you must be really missing the waters. Well, you can't go back soon. Unless you can fly to a secluded fishing destination outside the country just to follow that hobby. If it's winter where you are, you've go to fly somewhere else where the sun is always shining and the fish are always swimming. If that's not possible, then you might as well try your hand at the free bass fishing games available online. This is the next best activity you can enjoy, since the fishing port is closed this time of the year. Use these games to hone your skills while you wait for the fishing season to reopen.

These free bass fishing games are well like by gamers, fishing fans or otherwise. Non-fishing enthusiasts can find enjoyment in these games too. This is because you don't really have to learn the basics of fishing just to play the game. Furthermore, you can use the game to show you how real fishing is done over the waters. Try your hand in this fishing game and you'll know for sure if you can get into the real hobby or not. Here, you get the hang of the sports while enjoying the game.

With free bass fishing games, you won't struggle with real fish. What you do is you try to beat a computer program. While this may not seem appealing to some sports fishers, it is the closest you can get to the thrills of fishing during the off season. If you haven't tried it yet, get the console and play the game. You might just find the fun that you're looking for all along. Let the game hone your skills and techniques. If you were able to beat the best records in the game, you might as well join the tournament next season.

A good collection of free bass fishing games easily downloadable over the internet are the In-Fisherman Freshwater Thropies and the Rapala Pro Fishing game made by Activision. Rapala creates the best fishing lures in today's market. And this game carrying their trademark follows their old tradition of creating only the best. The Rapala Pro Fishing game provides the best graphics in all of the fishing games available today. You can choose which boat you'd like to sail on. There are bass boats and air boats available. You can also choose to have girls accompanying as you fish over the waters.

There's another good set of free bass fishing games that can be downloaded over the internet today. These are the Pro Bass Fishing series. There are two versions available and they were released in 2002 and 2003. In this game, you can play in a networked mode with your other friends. It is also possible to play the game through GameSpy, an online gaming portal.

These are the best free bass fishing games today. So if you want to take fishing to the next level, try the computer console. It could just all you need to keep you occupied throughout the days where fishing is not yet allowed.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/sports-and-fitness-articles/enjoying-free-bass-fishing-games-685811.html

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Part 2 - For part two of this article, head on to http://www.fortlauderdalefishingonline.com/ where you can also find more information aboutfort lauderdale sport fishing and fort lauderdale deep sea fishing.


Sinker for Beach Fishing (Top Fishing Games)


For anglers, below are suitable sinker for beach fishing. Happy Fishing & Catch More Fish..

Type 1 : Bomb

Type 2 : Blair's Bomb

Type 3 : Ashley's Bomb

Type 4 : Kana

Type 5 : Star

Type 6 : Bullet


Deep-Sea Fishing in Mauritius (Top Fishing Games)


Mauritius is one of the paradises for deep-sea fishing. The waters of Mauritius are absolutely ideal for deep-sea fishing. It can be said that Mauritius is indeed an angler's paradise with such an exotic variety of game fishes on offer. In Mauritius, keep in mind to set up some time for this unusual holiday experience.

Mauritius Island which is located in the Indian Ocean and surrounded with water provides the island with a large number of fish species. Species include the barracuda, black marlin, Striped Marlin, yellow tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Tiger Shark, Wahoo, Dorado, Hammerhead Shark, the Skipjack Tuna, sailfish, Mako Shark, and lots of other species.

The best season for marlin is from October to April and very often until May. That Shoals of Yellow fin tuna move into Mauritian waters in March and April. Yellow and white tuna that you can catch there weigh in excess of 140 to 200 lbs. The Sailfish around 100 lbs literally flies through the air when hooked, in an aerial display of fury.

Big Game Competition also organised in Mauritius Island. These competitions which concern deep-sea fishing are usually organised as from the month of October to March. Mauritius Island has already a large number of world fishing records. Mauritius holds several world fishing records (IGFA) including a barracuda of 125 lbs, a bonito of 41.5 lbs, a white tuna of 224 lbs and a blue shark of 400 lbs.

Fishing boats can be hired from almost all hotels. The most prestigious deep sea fishing competition is the Marlin World Cup which is hosted in December by La Pirogue Hotel. For more information, here is a list of some of the well known deep-sea fishing club on the island including La Pirogue Big Game Fishing at Flic en Flac, Beachcomber Fishing Club at Le Morne, Morne Angler’s Club at Black River, Sofitel Imperial at Wolmar Flic en Flac, Sportfisher at Coastal Road Grand Bay, Domaine du Chasseur at Vieux Grand Port and Corsaire Club-Organisations de PĂȘche du Nord at Coastal Road Grand Bay.

Deep-sea fishing at Mauritius is indeed one fantastic adventure that cannot be foregone. No other places offer the Mauritius experience where deep-sea fishing is mention. So during your stay in Mauritius Island, just enjoy and relax!

My recommended sites about Mauritius Deep-Sea Fishing :



Phuket Deep Sea Fishing (Top Fishing Games)


Phuket is achieving international recognition as a major player in the game fishing world. The deep blue waters of the Andaman Sea are ideal for game fish, and the region is on the migratory paths of classics fighting fish such as marlin. At certain time of the year, the sailfish fishing compare with anywhere in the world; and this is one of the top three queen fish venues. Check out our seasons/species chart for the best times of the year.

The facts that Phuket’s game fishing industry is in its infancy only adds to the number of game fish found in the region. Mangrove estuaries and shallow island reef are home to numerous species of light-tackle game fish including sea bass, barracuda, giant trevally, queen fish and mangrove jack. Farther out in the deeper waters of the Andaman Sea roam a multitude of blue-water, pelagic species like black marlin and sailfish, as well as king mackerel and tiger sharks.

The Racha Islands are a popular destination only a couple of hours from Phuket, and between the two of them they alone have just about every species of game fish found in the Pacific. Here you can go after such prizes as giant trevally, dolphin fish, barracuda, wahoo and rainbow runners. Among several other popular destinations from Phuket are the Similan Islands and ‘The Drop-off’.

Year –Round Fishing

There’s good fishing all year around. The months of June-August, when the sea can get rough, is the especially good for sailfish. Game fishing boats generally fish in the lee of islands such as Racha Noi and Racha Rai, during this season. Late November is a good time to go after marlin, tuna, and any numbers of other fighting fish. By this time, the monsoons have settled, and the fish are biting.

Virtually every species of blue water fish can be caught right now. Sailfish are common off Racha Yai and juvenile black marlin show up all along the west coast of Phuket, providing great medium to light tackle fishing. Meanwhile, 90 km west of Phuket at the continental shell dropped-off there is a fair chance of larger black marlin, often 100 – 300 kg. Also find a yellowfin tuna (20 kg), wahoo (40kg) and numerous barracuda, dorado and skipjack tuna. The chance to do battle with shark is good as tiger, hammerhead, bull and the occasional mako shark take the bait during day or night fishing trips.

Phuket International Sportfishing Classic

In November, the annual Phuket International Sportfishing Classic draws teams from around the world. The Phuket Sportfishing Classic tournament is held during this month.

Boat for Hire

While most charter companies are booked far in advanced for multi-day excursions, it’s easy to get a fully equipped sportfishingboat for one-day outings. The standard one-day charter on a professional boat like the ‘Andaman Hooker’ or Phuket Big Game Fishing’s Dorado including all gear, water, soft drinks and lunch runs at about US$350 per day up to 6 persons.
Its generally cheaper to rent a boat for light-tackle inshore fishing. Renting a Thai longtail boat and hand-jigging for fish the old way is an interesting experience.

Article Source:
Rod and Line Magazine


Best Fishing in Kelong Paradise (Top Fishing Games)


In this article I want to discuss some of the more popular fishing places for sea fishing. For those that love the feel of fishing, deep sea fishing is a necessary item in the trip to Kelong Paradise and it can be taken in by people irrespective of ages. Kelong Paradise is one of the best places for sea fishing. It is a pity if you have not come across deep sea fishing, as it is perhaps the thrill of your sea faring experience. In Kelong Paradise, keep in mind to lay down some time for this unusual holiday experience.

Kelong Paradise has been attracting fishing enthusiasts from all over the country because the waters around it teem withNarrowbared Mackerel, Grouper, Snappers, Golden Trevally, Barracuda, Stingray and others. Threadfins are the most popular fish among anglers and the best months to land this fish is from March through to August. The deep blue waters of the Straight of Malacca Sea are ideal for game fish. Simplest words. It’s amazing.

Sitting 15 nautical miles off Sabak Bernam, this is the one place where anglers can fish in peace. The Selangor State Government has created a haven for diehard angler’s right in the middle of the sea that promises nothing but the best in terms of catch. Sabak Bernam, which is 30 km from Teluk Intan, is accessible through coastal road. The best way to get there is to exit the North-South Expressway at Sungai Buloh and heads towards Kuala Selangor. The drive to Sabak Bernam take anywhere between two to two and half hours. The kelong is a 15 minute ride and 20 minutes drive from Sabak Bernam to the jetty which is located at Bagan Nakhoda Omar.

The Meaning of Kelong

Kelong is a Malay word to describe a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood, and can be found in waters off Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, while only a handful remains around Singapore due to rapid urbanization. Kelongs are built by fishermen primarily for fishing purposes, although larger structures can also function as dwellings for them and their families. Basically, they are built without the need for nails, using rattan to bind tree trunks and wooden planks together.

Anchored into the sea bed using wooden piles of about 20 metres in length and driven about 6 metres into the sea, they are usually sited in shallow water, even though some can be found in deeper waters. Some kelongs are less lonely, and are linked to land through a wooden gangway. Other variants of Kelongs can be mobile, or may involve a large groups of Kelongs joined together into a massive offshore community.

Resources :


Free Fishing Games - One Try & You'll Be Hooked! (Top Fishing Games)


By Christian Rogers

When you get sick, when you are stuck at home & you cannot go down the lake and enjoy your favorite fishing hobby, life is miserable. Desperate times require desperate measures, so boot up that PC and catch some fish online. Sure they don't taste nearly as good as the real thing, but they put up just as good a fight, and free fishing games don't have the mess to clean up after.

Fifteen years ago, playing free fishing games on your PC wouldn't have been possible, so all of us fishermen are hugely in debt to the braniac genius computer geeks who's developed some of the greatest flash fishing games online. The best part of it is that 99% of these great games...ARE FREE!

Yes, there are some stupid fishing games out there that aren't very realistic, and are pretty much a waste of your time, but you don't have to look far to find some really fun, realistic fishing games, because we've found them for you. Here's a list of the benefits of online fishing games.

  • Most online fishing games are completely free to play.
  • You can play them anywhere you have a computer and internet connection.
  • Many of the fishing games allow you to compete in mini-tournaments and fishing contests.
  • You don't need an expensive boat and gear to enjoy the sport.
  • With playing fishing games online, you don't have to worry about cleaning the fish you catch, or the boat, or the gear.
  • If the weather is poor, you can still do a little online angling in the comfort of your home.

If all of these facts haven't convinced you that free fishing games are a great way to spend some of your free time, then nothing will. Just a warning, these games are addicting, and if you find the urge to play at work, do not let it get you into trouble. If you enjoy real life fishing, please take a few moments to try your hand at playing online. You'll find out how easy it is to get HOOKED!

Christian Rogers is a semi-professional online angler and plays Free Fishing Games at http://www.TopFishingGames.com

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Perambut Dengan Bahan Terbuang(Top Fishing Games)


How to make simple rigs by using waste materials such as empty ball pen refill, insulation wires and cotton bud?
(Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan adalah wayar penebat dawai elektrik terpakai, cotton bud, dan refill ball pen yang terpakai.)


Cut up into desired length.
(Potong bahan-bahan yang terpakai mengikut panjang yang bersesuaian)

You need 30 – 40lbs fishing line
(Anda perlukan 30 - 40 lbs tali tangsi utama)


Line thread into the ball pen tube then fix a swivel as shown in figure below


Pull into opposite direction as shown in figure below

(Tarik setiap sisi dengan arah yang bertentangan seperti rajah)

This knot is suitable for beach fishing. Use the right hook for your target species. Don’t forget, practice catch and release whenever possible. Best luck of you!

(Kaedah ini lebih sesuai untuk memancing di pantai)


Fishing Knots (Top Fishing Games)


By Chester Hastings

After choosing your rod and reel combo, fishing line, and style and size of fishing hook, you want to safely connect them all together. This should be done with knots that you know are going to work.

Knot Basics

Fishing line is only as strong as the knots that are tied in it. All fishing line is weakened by the act of tying knots in it. The best knots have little effect on the strength of the line, while bad knots can cut line strength in half. Choosing knots that are easy to tie is highly recommended because even strong knots will prove to be weak if not tied properly.

Some Commonly Used Knots

There are many different knots used by fishermen for tying fishing line. Here are four basic knots that every fisherman can use.

Trilene Knot: The Trilene Knot is good for tying hooks to fishing line and retains about 90 percent of line strength. Pass the line through hook's eye twice from the same side and leave a small loop next to the eye. Wrap the free end of the line around the standing line 5 times and insert the free end through the double loop. Snug up with a steady firm pull on both the line and the hook. Trim the tag end.

Palomar Knot: The Palomar Knot is used for tying the hook to the fishing line and retains about 85 percent of the line's strength. To tie the Palomar knot first fold the line against itself to form a double strand and push this through the hook's eye. In this double strand tie an overhand knot and leave a loop large enough for the hook to pass through. Pass the hook through the loop and snug up the knot by pulling on the double strand with one hand and the hook with the other. Trim the tag end.

Improved Arbor Knot: The Improved Arbor Knot is used for tying the fishing line to the spool of the fishing reel. This knot will retain about 60 percent of the line's strength. First, loop the line around the spool and tie an overhand knot around the standing line to form a loose slip knot. Tie another overhand knot in the free end and pass this through the first overhand knot. Snug up the free end knot , then pull firmly on the standing line to tighten the other knot around the spool.

Blood Knot: The Blood Knot is used for tying fishing line to other fishing line, and will retain about 65 percent of the line's strength. First, overlap the lines so they point in opposite directions. Twist one of the lines around the other four times and bring the free end back and insert between the two lines. Twist the other line the same and bring it back through the same opening that holds the other line. Tighten with a quick jerk. Trim the tag ends.

Knot Tips

One tip to remember when tying fishing knots is to moisten the knot with saliva before you snug it up. This will reduce friction and help to form a tight, smooth knot. Another tip is to use a smooth, strong pull when you snug up the knot. Always test your knot after tying. It is better for the knot to break or slip apart now than when fighting a big fish. Since all knots will slip a little, it is best to leave a little extra on the tag end.

Always remember that use will weaken your knots. Knots should be retied and tested frequently on your fishing trip. Doing so will help to increase your fishing success.

Chester Hastings is an avid fisherman who enjoys being outdoors and fishing with his daughter and granddaughter.

Everyone likes to catch fish. If you want to find tips and resources to catch more fish try here PitchaLure.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chester_Hastings


Trip Memancing di Pulau Payar


Fishing Trip at Pulau Payar.

Lokasi memancing adalah sekitar Tukun Selatan berhampiran Pulau Payar Langkawi. Antara spesies ikan yang berjaya didaratkan adalah tenggiri(baracuda), gerepoh, cermin, kekacang atau alu-alu dan kerapu. Untuk mendapat maklumat lanjut berkenaan dengan trip memancing ke lokasi berhampiran dengan Pulau Payar sila sertakan komen anda di ruang yang disediakan.


Kaedah Memancing Menggunakan Spinning Reel - Casting Operation (Top Fishing Games)


General Structure of Spinning Reel
(Struktur Asas Kekili 'Spinning Reel')

Step 1
Place the reel foot into reel seat and tighten the ring
(Pasang kaki kekili ke tapak kekili dan laraskan pelaras sehingga ketat)

Step 2
Hold line as shown firmly open bail.
(Pegang tali utama seperti rajah di atas dalam keadaan ‘open bail’)

Step 3
Raise the rod to a vertical position.

(Rod dipegang dalam keadaan menegak)

Step 4

Make a cast by bringing the top tip forward in a 90 degrees arc, releasing the line from the fore finger once you have completed the casting movement.

Step 5

The line will loosen when the sinker reaches the water. Turn the handle of the reel and the bail arm will return to original position.

(Tali utama akan mengendur apabila ladung tenggelam ke dalam air. Laraskan 'bail' seperti keadaan asal)


Fishing Trip in Pulau Payar Langkawi Island (Top Fishing Games)


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Fishing Trip in Pulau Payar Langkawi Island

For all anglers, I would like to share this article and images for deep sea fishing. The Location is Tukun Selatan Pulau Payar, Malaysia. The deep blue waters of the Straight of Malacca Sea are ideal for game fish, and the region is on the migratory paths of classics fighting fish such as barracuda, marlin, Narrowbarred Mackerel, Grouper, Snappers, Golden Trevally, and others species.

It is unimaginable to go away from Langkawi Island without having at least once participated to a deep sea fishing. Deep-sea fishing, as the name suggests is hunting for the game fishes that are normally found deep out in the sea. The waters of Langkawi are absolutely perfect for deep-sea fishing. It can be said that Langkawi is indeed an angler's paradise with such an exotic variety of game fishes on offer.

Species : Barracuda 7.5kg – 8.0kg
Rod : Seahawk Scorpion
Reel : Shimano TLD 30
Line : Berkley 40 pound
Bait : Rapala

Langkawi provides pure game fishing enjoyment. Little can compare the adventure of riding the ocean swells in a sleek ship in the hot pursuit of game fish. With an astonishing variety of deep sea fauna, Langkawi is a compulsory stop for deep sea fishing lovers. Deep sea fishing at Langkawi is indeed one fantastic adventure that cannot be foregone. Just enjoy and relax.

TOP FISHING GAMES - Fishing Trip in Langkawi Island

Fishing Games - Rigs For Beach Fishing


Different styles of fishing require different rig setups and in this article, I would like to show how to make simple rigs for beach fishing. The best methods for beach fishing depend on the kind of bait use, sinker size, technique of rigs, and the tidal.

Familiarity, rigs is initiated by using fishing line with size 20 until 60 pound.
Rigs size depends on the strength of main line, fish hook size, reels capacity and the fishing-rod strength that is used. In addition, the brighter color of fishing line is suitable used. The rigs are estimated between 1 until 2 legs.

Suitable rigs for beach fishing..
Mulloway rig

Paternoster no 1

Paternoster no 2

Running sinking rigs


The Lures (Top Fishing Games)


Grouper fishing is almost always done with bait, as they are difficult to fish with lures. They are bottom dwellers that live with rocks and corals. They can be caught over shallow rocks and corals by casting or trolling lures. Crank baits (lures with lips) are normally used and need to be worked close to the structure. As for marlin, almost any reasonably large structure can be used and these range in the thousands. What works is just anybody’s guess. That is why you can finds hundreds of articles in tens of fishing magazines from all over the world on marlin fishing and the way each expert does it and the lures they use.

Lure fishing for marlin is usually done by trolling with downriggers, outriggers, down planners, side planners and etc. When you start out fishing, try to enjoy nature as well. Remember that it is a wonderfully healthy hobby, getting close to nature. To enjoy nature, we must play our part and maintain the natural surrounding. One way is to remember to release what we do not want so our children can fish.

Article Source: Rod and Line Magazine - September 2000


Fishing Games - Make Simple Fishing Rigs by Using Waste Materials


Different styles of fishing require different rig setups and in this article, I would like to show how to make simple fishing rigs by using waste materials such as empty ball pen refill, insulation wires and cotton bud. Hopefully angler can apply this method because you will save your budget when fishing.

Step 1

Cut up into desired length.

Step 2

You need 30 – 40lbs fishing line.

Step 3

Line thread into the ball pen tube then fix a swivel as shown in figure above.

Step 4

Pull into opposite direction.

This knot is suitable for beach fishing. Use the right hook for your target species. Don’t forget, practice catch and release whenever possible. Best luck of you!
Deep Sea Fishing Games Review...


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